It’s official

hezbaoun.jpgWhat do you get when you mix Hezb Allah (Party of God) and Al Tayyar al Watani al Hurr (Free Patriotic Movement)? To be honest I don’t know how to characterize it yet, but I can say that I am extremely disappointed at the recent course that the FPM has taken. General Aoun has proven to be incapable of avoiding the temptation of jumping into the pit called sectarianism. I don’t know how the guy actually manages to strike a balance between the alleged secular platform of his party and his extremely sectarian talk as of late. It annoys the hell out of me. I can’t believe how quickly Aoun has given up on all that he claimed to stand for. And now look what he does, he goes and allies with Hezb Allah, and for what? The presidency. That’s all that he seems to care for. And this is coming from a member (or ex-member, as of today!) of the party. I’ll just go back to independent status. That’s much better, thank you very much. What a bunch of hypocrites and dissenter haters! If Lebanon is to be run by the FPM the way it runs its discussion forum, then woe is me. This country is beyond anyone’s ability to help and reform. Of that much I have become convinced. Stupid people stuck in their stupid dogmatic following of stupid warlords who speak in the name of stupid sects and claim to represent their stupid needs. What, sects have “needs” now? How about individuals, regardless of religion, with daily economic worries, no money to put food on the table, sending three kids to school hungry, each day one kid’s turn to eat sandwich? I can’t understand what sects have anything to do with hunger. Do Muslims eat less/more than Christians? What? I can’t hear you.

Great, so in theory Hezb Allah and FPM agree on giving expatriates the right to vote. And for what?? Are they the ones who are starving in this country??? Paying taxes???? Why should some spoiled “I drive a Mercedes-Benz and so does my wife” living in California have the right to vote?? Tell me this has nothing to do with sectarianism, because I am about to bang my head against the wall from anger and frustration.

Edit: Upon reflecting on this, I think I might have the answer to the first question: A Molotov cocktail???


One response to “It’s official

  1. yo fuck u little dick bitch dont talk about General Michel Aoun like that u fucker

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