Break free

Some wise words from Betty Friedan (may her soul rest in peace), especially relevant to the status of women in the Middle East (regardless of religion):

friedan.jpg“It is not possible to preserve one’s identity by adjusting for any length of time to a frame of reference that is in itself destructive to it. It is very hard indeed for a human being to sustain such an “inner” split – comforting outwardly to one reality, while trying to maintain inwardly the value it denies… By adjusting to it, a woman stunts here intelligence to become childlike, turns away from individual identity to become an anonymous biological robot in a docile mass. She becomes less than human, preyed upon by outside pressures, and herself preying upon her husband and children. And the longer she conforms, the less she feels as if she really exists. She looks for her security in things … She does not want to be reminded of the outside world; she becomes convinced there is nothing she can do about her own life or the world that would make a difference.”

From The Feminine Mystique


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