Would anyone please explain to me the readiness of the world to ignore peaceful demonstrations by Muslims – at least half a million of them in Lebanon – and conveniently focus on a violent demonstration by at most 2000 fanatics? Are we going to see as many “now I am proud of being Lebanese” as we saw “today I am ashamed of being Lebanese”? Or do 2000 fanatics represent Lebanon more than half a million peaceful demonstrators?

Just wondering.


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  1. i personally loved nasrallah’s speech today.

  2. Hi Jimmy. I saw a bit of the speech on TV and the bit I saw sounded well-thought-out and logical. I am trying to access Al Manar website to see if they have a transcript of the speech but I’m getting an error. Guess I’ll try again later.

  3. For those interested in some background to the origin of the cartoons and their editor Flemming Rose and his connection to the neocon Daniel Pipes see “Rotten in Denmark: Flemming Rose and the clash of civilizations” by Justin Raimondo at

    and Flemming Rose’s the Threat from Islamism at

    These are not innocent cartoons published in the name of “free speech” but part of the neocon ” clash of civilizations”.

    We are being set up. Watch and weep.


  4. That’s really interesting, Issam. Thanks for the links.

  5. Countless number of waves hit the shores every year… only a tsunami [which definitely doesn’t speak for the whole “mother nature”]is interesting for the media!

  6. Yes, that is well-put, Nour. 🙂

    But that shouldn’t be the case, because the media should not be about reporting the “abnormal” or the “out-of-ordinary”, but of everything that is going on in the world.

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