Administrative stuff

I have decided to change the theme, since a new one was added by Unfortunately I don’t have a personal website to host wordpress from, so I am stuck with pre-set templates that I cannot edit. I suppose it’s not the looks that matter, it’s the content that does, although nothing makes me happy as a good, organized blog does.

Also, I added a lot of links yesterday, and I realize that it’s a bit disorganized, so I will be categorizing the news sites by country.

One more thing, whether you’re a friend or enemy of the state, a radical leftist or a dogmatic neo-con, feel free to comment on my blog or respond to my posts on your own blogs (but please use the trackback feature because I don’t exactly have magical powers that guide me to blogs that criticize my writings/opinions), and link to me on your blogs (even if you will put me in the health warning section!) or pass on the word.


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