Dear Lebanese Bloggers Forum,

I noticed you added me to your Lebanese bloggers listing, and I appreciate that, but I also noticed that you have put “by Admin” next to it. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding, because I do not really like administering other people, and most definitely NOT the Middle East (I leave that to the tyrants that we do not have a lack of anyway). My name is Freedom. Or حرية. I am the voice of change in the Middle East. I blog for borderless peace, not borderly and orderly administration. I thank you for your attention and care, and I hope that more people in the Middle East will realize how precious I am.


Freedom / حرية


12 responses to “Dear Lebanese Bloggers Forum,

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  2. i’m eric. joining a couple boards and looking
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  3. i think the crises in Lebanon is very terrible and definantly needs help, i have come across many websites and organizations dedicated to helping the people in Beirut and Lebanon and i am looking foward to taking a look at some of the activitis they run.

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