A piece of work

I admit it. I read frontpagemag. Not regularly, but I do read it. And when I say I read it I do not mean the classical meaning of “I read such and such website/blog”. In other words, it does not mean that I read it because I agree with its contents. If anything, this post will document how and why I disagree with frontpagemag.

Frontpagemag has been democracy and freedom-loving enough to initiate a section on its website dedicated to “breaking down the Arab Berlin Wall”. Here’s hoping that they will also dedicate a section to “breaking down the Israeli Security Wall“. Here, brave a look, I promise it won’t scar you for life. One website caught my attention in the list they have, and that was the website of the “Reform Party of Syria”, which is described as follows:

“U.S.-based opposition party … governed by secular, peace committed American-Syrians, Euro-Syrians and native Syrians who are determined to see that a ‘New Syria’ is reborn that embraces real democratic and economic reforms.”

Now that’s a website worth visiting. Not that I am against reforming Syria, but some of the explanations they have on their website is typical neo-conservative gibberish, and again, not that I have anything particular against neo-cons (other than the insatiable desire to demolish all their “arguments”), but I’m afraid the party’s understanding of the region and current affairs is removed from reality beyond repair.

I am afraid I have to cut this post short because I just saw an ad that I think I will not recover from… It was an advertisement for shirts that ‘say’: “Through Superior Firepower Peace”. Indeed, neo-conservatives are really good at “debating”. 😛


2 responses to “ A piece of work

  1. Interesting h ow my name appears before I type it in!
    Do send me your newsletter. Quite an interesting site.

    I wrote a letter heavily criticizing David Horowitz’s evil book about 101 evil professors (all of them pro-Palestinian). He has done a nasty job–and my letter appeared on his site. He and the Dersh should get married. One brain, acting as two!

    Send me your newsletter, please!

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