Sham Press (not to be confused with Cham Press)


It first appeared on Yediot Achronot, the claim that Syrian newspaper Al-Thawra had printed an article that claimed that Jews were behind bird flu, and that the virus was specifically designed to target Arabs… And now it seems the flu sham has reached racist right-wing fascist Arutz Sheva. My calls to the Yediot Achronot editors to back up their claim by posting a link to the article that allegedly appeared on Al-Thawra or scanning an image of the newspaper went unheeded.

I am not surprised at all at the speed by which such sham / unsubstantiated stories are taken up by neo-cons and extremists (but I repeat myself) to “prove” the paranoia, stupidity, and anti-Semitism of “the Arabs”. They waste countless hours taking the issue all the way back to the Holocaust and how that guy the Mufti shook hands with Hitler, but when asked to present proof that the newspaper indeed posted/printed such an outrageous claim, they resort to fallacies and start throwing accusations left and right about how you are covering up on and justifying such an action by Arab tyrants.

At least Yediot Achronot got the name of the newspaper right (it’s Al-Thawra, not Al-Tura as spelled by Arutz Sheva).

Busted or busted. Take your pick.


2 responses to “Sham Press (not to be confused with Cham Press)

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  2. Ahmad El Jacques

    Congratulations, you just learned how to pronounce Al-Thawra and discovered at the same time that a Syrian Baath Newspaper can lie….. wow you must really be proud of your ingenious, how old are you anyway?

    and because this newspaper wrote some lie all arabs became anti semist?, “and by the way i think you are the only one who reads this newspaper he others are forced to buy it and use it as toilet paper and here goes your intellect”, I am arab and my mom is Jew and believe she lives happily in Lebanon “you know the country where Israel have been killink kids for a decade” and nobody in here has a problem with jews, in fact i met some great jews back in spain if you want i can give you their emails so you tell them about your Al Thawra Joke, did i spell it right?, the problem is with israel a totalitarian country that prages about being democratic while 90% of its people are from the same race, what a coincidence this is called totalitaria.
    shalom and may god shakes some brain out of your upper floor, and may the Al-Thawra guide you through your intelectual life

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