“Blame Syria” (sung to the tune of “Blame Canada”)

quote.jpgMore words of wisdom from the Israeli press. This time on the Lebanese, whom the Israelis think they know well enough. But well enough to do what? Occupy their lands? Force a “peace treaty” (e.g: May 17 agreement, torpedoed later on by the Syrians) on them? Or maybe just admire them. Because, after all, the Lebanese are not Arabs, and therefore they can be admired. Plus, they never point fingers. Never. For example, HezbAllah supporters never point fingers at Israel (and if they do they must not be Lebanese), nor do Hariri supporters ever point fingers at Syrians (but it turns out that the only prerequisite for being counted Lebanese is if you do not point the finger at Israel, so pointing at Syria is OK). Of course, the Lebanese do not even think of pointing fingers at the Palestinians and Syrians for “starting” the civil war in which Lebanese readily killed other Lebanese. But that’s OK too, since the fingers do not point at Israel. Ah how nice those Lebanese are! “They don’t seem to be judgemental” (because they are unable to judge mentally? Had they been able to they would not have so readily killed other Lebanese, destroyed their country, and then sat back after all was over, and put the blame on others, Palestinians, Syrians, Israelis, satan, etc.).


One response to ““Blame Syria” (sung to the tune of “Blame Canada”)

  1. slt a tout les metaleur et les metaleuz du monde

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