One of my favourite TV stations – although I am by no means a TV person – is NewTV. If you are as bored as I am with watching the zu’ama (tribal/sectarian elites) fight it out on TV and get all the attention, know that there is a way out. First of all, you don’t have to watch them. It dulls your brain probably as much as weed would if you use it long enough. Second, you can take a look at a different program for a change. It’s called حدا يسمعنا “Hada Yesma’ana” (someone listen to/hear us). It airs live every Monday, 8:30 pm Beirut time. It’s a really interesting one. Basically, it imitates regular political shows, the only difference being that the people who talk things out are young people from the Arab world. To be honest, I have seen the show only once, and most of the young people on there did not identify with any political party. Kudos to NewTV for that. I really think that more independent youngsters need to be given a voice. What difference does it make if you have mini-Hariris or mini-Aouns or mini-Geageas on TV (like Marcel Ghanem once did on his political program “Kalam el Nas” [People’s Talk]), defending their respective sectarian leaders? If you’re going to hold the snake, better do it from the head and not the tail, ya Marcel.

Kudos to NewTV also for preparing a program/documentary on the treatment of foreign workers (in particular Sri Lankan maids) in Lebanon. NewTV is probably the only station so far that has presented a relatively fresh, healthy perspective, with emphasis on social issues that go beyond the petty political crises that are mostly inflamed by ignorant politicians.


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  2. . Get an account, upload it there, and give us the link. 🙂

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