Who’s afraid of diversity, comrade?

Have you ever wondered why neo-conservatives (such as Ann Coulter) do not link to liberal or leftist or Marxist websites (be they news sources, commentary, publications, etc.)? Not even under the heading of “health warning” or “read what those morons have to say”… I wonder why, do they really have a shortage of links (because I can provide them with some really nice ones), or is it that they are afraid of being unable to fool their audience once the latter actually take the time to read those websites? Granted that those who need someone to give a link to them to read something other than racist neo-con blahblahing are most probably hopeless cases to begin with. But despair not, for we serve poor souls as well. I have decided that the best way to educate leftists (most of whom admittedly happen to be bandwagoners who don’t know what real leftism is all about) is to provide them with some links to educate themselves about the “enemy”, because you cannot beat your enemy without knowing his/her weak spots. See for example the “health warning” category in my links list. That is only for blogs; I also have some neo-con / rabid Zionist links in the opinions section (see for example honest reporting”).

So who’s really afraid of diversity of opinions? The neo-cons would still say “those commies!” And if that pisses them off, then count me in as a comrade. 😀


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