By the way…

… still waiting for those widespread condemnations (by Coulterist standards, by “nearly all” Americans) in USA regarding Abu Ghraib. Funny that they are nowhere to be found. But then again, the “fact” that Americans always condemn such human rights violations is a claim that does not need to be substantiated (again, by Coulterist standards). What sparked this post was a blog entry I just came across, which sums it up pretty neatly. Now that’s another thing that made my day – to the dismay of some Coulterists. Ahem.


3 responses to “By the way…

  1. Let me provide you with the perspective of American Leftist. In my opinion, the cartoons are less about free speech and more about hate and disrespect. Conservatives would have been up in arms if an Arabic publication had featured pictures of Jesus cavorting with prostitutes or Jesus farting bombs on Iraqi children. The so-called freedom of speech argument would evaporate.

    The reports and pictures from Abu Ghraib are a completely different animal. While the cartoons represent opinions, the documentation from Abu Ghraib represents facts, facts that should be viewed widely so the public can fully comprehend the violation of basic human rights being perpetrated by or under US military command.

  2. Yeah, I agree 100%. I was just being sarcastic about the Americans not condemning the human rights violations perpetrated at Abu Ghraib (I recently got into a debate with neo-cons at Ann Coulter’s forum, and they argued that the majority of Muslims should go out on the streets and protest the violent reaction of the Islamist fundamentalists, and insisited that the fact that they did not meant that they were supportive of it…).

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