An e-mail I sent

I can’t just give up on things (for example, this). That’s just who I am. So I sent an e-mail to MEMRI, inquiring about this special dispatch that appeared on their website. Dr. Lipstadt seems to be insisting that it is unlikely that MEMRI got it wrong (a classic case of “Arabs are guilty until proven innocent” and “the claim is right until proven wrong”). Now there will be many people who will sell this entire “debate” in the following way: “she’s [refering to me, the author of this blog] denying that the article in fact existed and insinuating that the Jews *gasp* created this evil piece of propaganda just to defame the Syrians”. To clarify, I am not denying that the article could’ve existed. It’s possible that it did. My point: Just as it’s possible that it didn’t. All I am asking for is solid documentation, which has so far been lacking. It is only reasonable that one – anyone (except MEMRI and MEMRI-ists and Dr. Lipstadt, I suppose) – would want to see for oneself the [alleged] article that makes such horrible and racist claims. I certainly am not afraid of a positive response from MEMRI to my e-mail, with a URL or an attachment accompanying it, that would once and for all settle this issue. There is nothing at stake for me here. If anyone has stakes in this, it would be MEMRI. And Dr. Lipstadt & co.

My e-mail, then:

I came across your special dispatch dated February 16, titled “Syrian Gov’t Daily Suggests Israel Created, Spread Avian Flu Virus”, and I was wondering if you would be kind enough to provide a link to the article on Al-Thawra newspaper’s website, or a scanned e-copy of it from the hard-copy version of the paper. I would highly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.

I cannot wait to receive their response. Let’s see how this “debate” will end.


2 responses to “An e-mail I sent

  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for getting into Balagan. I’m glad to exchange ideas and thoughts with my neighbours. This is why I blog. To explain what I see and hear from people who can tell me what I can’t see. I’ll be glad to be in touch.

  2. Hello Rinat,

    Glad to have you here.

    Hope to read more of your writings.



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