Intel “chips in”

Jerusalem Post reports that Intel is planning to open an IT center in the Gaza Strip.

Good news? Bad news? Confused? Here’s something that will dispel the myth “they’re doing it to help alleviate the dire economic situation in Palestine and the rest of the Arab world”:

“If you talk to the leaders of the Palestinian Authority, this is exactly the kind of thing they want. They want education, they want paths to improve the economic well-being of their citizens.

It will be staffed primarily by Palestinians and will be located a few kilometers outside Gaza City in an area staked out to become a technology park with the Intel center as its anchor, said Peter Gubser, president of ANERA.

The cost to build and equip the center will only be about $1 million, Gubser said, because a dollar goes a lot farther in the Middle East.

You know, my idea of “improv[ing] the economic well-being of … citizens” is not corporate use abuse of cheap labour!

A technology park run by Intel … in Palestine … the same Intel that invested in Israel for three decades while the Palestinians suffered under Israeli occupation… Right, I can see where that’s going… Must be purely out of concern for the welfare of the Palestinians…

And after all’s said and done, Gubser admits that it’s all about the cheapness of the Middle East, not concern about the welfare of its people that has brought them here.

Would Intel dream of opening a factory or a center in Lebanon? Cheap labour would be hard to find, because the Lebanese who are used for cheap labour are already “employed” and the Palestinians, well, they have taken the place of the Syrian labourers (only reason why the racist government of this racist country actually allowed Palestinians to engage in certain jobs previously not open to them). Intel “chips in” where the stakes are high.

First “the brave ‘Jewish’ pioneers” (racist settlers), now “the corporate pioneers”. Wondering what’s next for Gaza. Is it thanksgiving yet?


3 responses to “Intel “chips in”

  1. I would have imagined that Intel would require fairly skilled workers in microchip assembly, which shows how little I know. I am unaware of a large skilled workforce in The Gaza, one would have imagined the economic yoke of Israeli occupation would have ensured the Palestinian population are not particularly tech-savvy.

  2. Well, I don’t imagine that it would require computer knowledge. And tech-savviness is easily achievable – hence the tech education bit that the new center will undertake.

  3. I suppose it’s good luck to Intel then. Hmmmm

    Seriously though investment is desperately needed in Gaza if it to avoid slipping into total chaos.

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