Tales from the Crypt

Or should I say, tales from the “university”? My professor apparently misplaced lost my book review, which I handed in 17 days ago – one of the first to have handed in all the material that was due. What do I get in return? I get an “I” – for incomplete – on my transcript today. It means that I have not handed in one of the required papers. I call the professor at 5 pm – and luckily he is at his office – and he’s so calm; he tells me he was expecting my call. Expecting my call!!!!!?!! Expecting MY call?? Should I not have been the one to expect a call??? Especially that I had personally placed the review in his hands on February 3, and that I have been paying him a visit every week to ask him when the grades would be out??? He was expecting my call, he said. Oh how nice. How nice indeed. And given that tomorrow is the last day of late registration, I ought to be impressed. Give the guy some credit, at least he umm picked up the phone?? I feel so … lucky. Now for the other course, nothing surprising there, got an A (no A+ system here). I was expecting it. Not that I worked my ass off for the course, but I can say that I did a reasonable amount of research and – not to brag – did really well on the presentations.

Psst, fellow cryptites, I trust you will not pass on this link to the professor in question. 😉


6 responses to “Tales from the Crypt

  1. Lol,

    You sound pretty bitter. Trusting you have a back-up copy of the review on your PC?

  2. Yes, bitterness is my middle name…

    Luckily I happen to be a very diligent backuper. 🙂 Sent him the book review by e-mail after I talked with him on the phone, although I am still trying to figure out how the hell it happened to ME of all people.

    I would’ve probably kicked my prof if I didn’t have a copy of the review.. well it’s in my nature to keep copies although I know quite a few people who don’t, and really it would’ve been the professor’s responsibility had that been the case with me.

    Tomorrow’s the big day. Hopefully no one will get kicked. lol

  3. Good Luck.

    Actually….I had a favour to ask:

    I’m writing a post on Fukuyama’s essay in the NYT Sunday. I have a few quotes and I am reading around the subject (Andrew Sullivan, mahablog, and Johan Norburg), but I would like to know your thoughts on Fukuyama’s suggestion that the Iraq war had “perhaps some spillover effects in Lebanon and Syria.” Do you feel this is a justified suggestion or not? This was around the time of the Orange revolution and the violence in Uzbekistan, would this be more relevant or was Syrian power sapped by the US presence over the boarder and the Bush doctrine?

    Thanking you in advance.

  4. I would like to know your thoughts on Fukuyama’s suggestion that the Iraq war had “perhaps some spillover effects in Lebanon and Syria.”
    No, I disagree with that statement. The war did have an impact on the entire region but not in terms of spreading democracy or anything remotely positive. If anything, the Iraq war has effectively convinced dictators that if the great powers (well, the only great power, USA) have made up their minds to invade and occupy a country they will do so regardless of what concessions they offered. In fact, I think the fact that the Iraq war by USA was not at all justified has further delegitimized USA in the eyes of the Arab world. There is an interesting development, in my opinion, wherein the people are inclined to favour neither their dictatorial leaders nor the alleged “liberators”. Although this has been rather difficult to implement. Nevertheless such a perspective is there and has received a huge boost thanks to the Iraq war. Washington’s response to the Hamas victory serves as yet another proof (for Middle Easterners at least) that USA does not want democracy or justice per se, but democracy on its own terms, justice as defined by its interests.

  5. By the way, for an interesting analysis of Damascus-Washington relations, I recommend that you check out Dennis Ross’s “U.S Policy Toward a Weak Assad”.

  6. Thanks very much freedom,

    Been a little busy myself, the last couple of days, but hope to get the essay finished soon. Oh! to be a pro-blogger and get the time and remuneration I desire!!!!

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