This is another personal entry, feel free to skip over it if you’re not interested. Tyger, I am sorry for not getting back to you on the Fukuyama piece; know that I am halfway through the article, but please bear with me because I have been very busy lately. I will post my reply to you either tonight or tomorrow morning.

I had a terrible day. On the academic front it was OK. Semester started, taking a course on Palestine, which is OK but not all that exciting after all… Prof is nice and friendly but frankly I did not enjoy the first class (but the rest of the post might explain that). Good news is, I got graduate assistantship; I will be holding writing/citation workshops for undergraduate students – a bit like a methodologies course. It’s not my passion in life, to be honest, but I will do it anyway. On the personal front, well, I have been feeling really down lately, but today was just the worst day ever. No, I am not PMSing; I will throw a Molotov cocktail (my favourite thing) at the next guy who says that. I will not elaborate, so don’t ask me what it’s all about, unless you want to have a Molotov cocktail thrown at you. The only thing that caught my attention on the (long) way home was a sticker on a car. It was a German flag with a swastika on it. A German flag with a swastika on it. In Lebanon. Not sure if I get the insinuation, but there’s a saying here, عيش كتير بتشوف كتير ; it translates to “live more, see more”.


5 responses to “Terrible

  1. Anti-Semitic car stickers….nice

    No worries, whenever you get chance. To be honest I’m tired and need a rest tonight, I’ll have a go tomorrow. If you’re too busy don’t worry.

  2. it shows how primitve our society is sometimes. it shows how anchored hatred and ignorance are into our roots. i actually meet such people everyday. it just makes me furious.

    oh, by the way, r u PMSing or what?

  3. oh, by the way, r u PMSing or what?
    Umm, you didn’t mean that. Oh no you didn’t.

    Wait till you hear about how “great” my day was today. And if you still think I’m PMSing then I will throw you off the roof or something. 😉

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