Whose God is it anyway?


Photo by George Azar; at the Grotto of Nativity, Bethlehem

Source: A Walk Through Bethlehem, The Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU)

And no, I am not a believer.


5 responses to “Whose God is it anyway?

  1. I think the problem is that people don’t know how to ‘live and let live’. A friend told me a couple of days ago about a girl, and he said, ‘we convinced her to take off the hijab [head covering] and on top of that she is now a communist’… I have a huge problem with that statement. I might be an atheist but it is none of my business what others believe in. Why would I try to convince people to take off their hijab? I have my own beliefs, and she has hers. Is there an absolute reality? I don’t know. But to say that there is one would require that one prove that there is one. Besides, why is there a problem with wearing a hijab for religious reasons (beliefs, practices) and not a problem when someone wears something not out of conviction but out of practice or according to her mood?? If it’s the woman’s choice then I don’t see why anyone should attempt to change it.

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