When socialists consider Jumblatt a socialist

I was just checking out the Socialist International website, and came across something that was posted a while back, but which I found very ridiculous and therefore worth posting:

The Socialist International welcomed today the victory in the parliamentary elections of the political alliance at the centre of the agenda for democracy, independence and political change in Lebanon, following the fourth and final round of elections held in the North of the country this weekend….

On the occasion of the final round of the elections, SI representatives held talks with the leadership of the SI member party in that country, the Progressive Socialist Party, PSP, including its leader Walid Jumblatt and its Secretary General Charif Fayad; with the leader of the ‘Future Movement’, Saad Hariri, son of the assassinated former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri, and with the outgoing Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

I guess according to SI only the Druze are socialists, then. I had to laugh at the PSP membership of SI, but then again, most socialist fronts are simply laughable.

Woe to a nation whose class struggle is left to the leadership of … Jumblatt.


4 responses to “When socialists consider Jumblatt a socialist

  1. hey, since when do you consider the SI umbrella a ‘socialist’ organization??
    note that the SI membership includes also Socialist Party, PS of france, both the Israeli and British Labour Parties and, PROUDLY, National Democratic Party, NDP, of Eygpt…ERRRRR!!!
    as my companero bassam always say, ‘those parties are only on the left of the $capital$’

    BTW. what do you think of the LCP/harakat el shaa3b joint sit in today??

  2. since when do you consider the SI umbrella a ’socialist’ organization??
    I don’t. 😉 I just find it funny that they would call themselves socialists.

    About the LCP, I was never a big fan of them, especially of late.

    Btw, you seem to know many folks around town, do you happen to have ties to Bila Houdoud and Pablo Neruda groups at AUB and LAU? Actually, about the Beirut 1, my friend got a phone call some 2 weeks ago about something that would be organized, but I didn’t really get any follow-ups. Can you update me on it? I will e-mail you, if you don’t mind, so that you will know my e-mail address. Is that OK? Thanks.

  3. sure! always feel free to mail me
    what i know is that the itti7ad shabab el demokrati-DYM had a statement against the conference and some of the people who were distributing the statement in the mountain, were arrested by the army for one day. they posted “Beirut one! caution!” posters beneath Chowaifat bridge.
    i don’t have any contact with the PB or BL groups, but i know some of them by face. i don’t know whether it’s because of politics or it’s because of the universities they are in, but i never worked with them. though, i believe it’s upon the time that leftists talk/work with each other. that’s why i think the joint action of the LCP and 7arakt el sha3ab is something good as start.

    keep it up!

  4. Really? I didn’t know about the arrest thing, I just know that there is an upcoming conference, with many key speakers and participants, including Samir Amin.. and there will most probably be a protest as well.

    About the LCP & Haraket Sha3b, I like the idea of joint action, but honestly I am not a big fan of pseudo-socialist / communist groups, and there is an abundance of these in Lebanon – and a lack of real socialist/Marxist/communist and anarchist groups. Not that I am a big fan of organizations and parties. I think that a united people’s front that brings people of similar (although not exactly the same) beliefs, ideologies, and inclinations together for a common cause would be much more effective than a party or a number of parties like LCP and Haraket Sha3b… My personal experience with leftist parties of all sorts has not been a very positive one, and I have come to realize that parties are not prerequisites to action or organizing action. But then again, I am not a big fan of having leaders/elites, because as soon as you have someone saying “I’m the leader” you will become just like the rest of the groups/parties…

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