Some types of terrorism are justified

I just noticed the following on Ha’aretz, regarding the terrorist attack on the Church of Annunciation in Nazareth:

[The attackers’] daughter: “Church attack motivated by family’s economic situation”.

I guess economic situations can now be considered a legitimate justification for attacks on synagogues as well. And what happened to world outburst on anti-Christianism? Not that I care about Christianity. But the lack of international condemnation on this issue, in addition to Israeli government protection of the terrorists (who were whisked out of the church in police outfit – now how did they manage to change their outfits in all that mayhem is beyond me – but I guess anything goes in Israel) and extra-judicial assassination of Palestinians who are “suspected” of engaging in “terrorism” (which is often only throwing rocks at soldiers) shows the double standards that the world has so-readily endorsed. Some types of hatred (e.g. Jewish hatred of “the other” i.e. non-Jews, anyone’s hatred of Muslims) are justified and endorsed while others are vilified and its perpetrators portrayed as barbarians who are thirsty for blood (mostly Jewish blood).

Whenever Jews engage in terrorism, they are portrayed as coming from “a troubled past”. Whenever Arabs engage in terrorism, they are portrayed as sick, bloodthirsty mass-murderers who are educated in a culture of hatred and have anti-Semitic genes.


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