Al-Hamra, Beirut


6 responses to “Al-Hamra

  1. hmmm hamra looks better than it actually does …
    great photograph …keep up the good work


  2. You mean it looks better in pics, right? Yeah, I noticed that too. 🙂 You know who I am, right? I’m the Anarchist on Bila Houdoud forum. 🙂

  3. once i have my own digital camera, i will start a new project … taking photos of all the CCTV’s in beirut and document their location. by the way, there are 4 CCTV’s in this part of the street two at a jewelry shop next to antoine bookstore and two at a facing jewelry shop

    it’s my new hobby!

  4. There are CCTVs on Hamra??

  5. yep! but most of them belong to commercial stores, banks, jewelry shops,…. i still don’t know how the new ones, that are being installed by the state, look like.

    enjoy lebnan…!

    ..BTW, they have been plenty of circled-A’s tagged on the walls.. errr i need a camera!!!

  6. Police state… coming to a neighbourhood near you… *rolls eyes*

    Ummmmmmmmmmmm. State-installed CCTVs??? wtf..

    Circled A’s. Always makes me happy to see those. Unless the ones you’re talking about have a different significance. 😉

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