Leban(on)ese glory

Great, so the Lebanese (Lebanonese?) can now revel in the glory of having billionaires (and of snatching the title of “youngest billionaire in the world”) in the Forbes listing…

Hind Al-Hariri is, by the way, a graduate of the Lebanese American University, which I attend. Isn’t that the nicest thing? I mean, to think of the feeling of glory that this privileged girl leaves behind for LAU students to occupy themselves with. What a contribution! Plus, surely she was a “distinguished” student (am yet to hear of undistinguished children of billionaires). I once asked a dozen or so people (lower-middle class and middle class) about the academic standards of LAU, and they all (I am not kidding) replied as follows “Well, Hariri sent his daughter to LAU”.

I feel like I’m beginning to sound like Angry Arab aka Prof. As’ad Abu Khalil…


One response to “Leban(on)ese glory

  1. mohamad soubra

    Mr. President Rafiq Alhariri is our honor
    and he is our leader however he gone but
    he will be and still in our heart and moreover
    Mr. Saad and his brothers will continue
    the battle of the freedom and get the tuth of
    the killers by international court whatever
    it cost we still confirm the Hariri’s family policy
    and protect them by our lives especially Madam
    Nazeq and her daughter Miss Hind .

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