Walid Beik’s WOW

I just came across a gem. During his visit to Washington Walid Beik, among other things, gave a talk at Brookings Institution. I have actually met two people from Brookings (Fiona Hill and Omer Taspinar, to be exact), and talking with them made me realize that they are basically a neo-con tool for the Bush administration, under the guise of an institution that conducts “independent research”. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

And to think that Walid Beik has gone and given a talk at Brookings, now is that out of the ordinary? Only 2 years ago he was going and giving talks in Damascus. But nothing ought to surprise you about Walid Beik, for he is known for his schizophrenic character. The satirical program “Bassmet Watan” on LBC actually had the best video sketch mocking him, last week – or maybe it was the week before. Not that I am a big fan of the program, but I caught that sketch by chance.

Back to the topic: read the transcript of Walid Beik’s interview/talk at Brookings.

I have picked the most hilarious and contradictory bits for you (all emphasis is mine). Enjoy Walid Beik’s WOW (Words of Wisdom):

“I defended not only Druze interests, but also Lebanese interests” (p.6)

“Shebaa Farms as a sovereignty is not Lebanese, maybe as a property is Lebanese, but the sovereignty is not Lebanese.” (p.8)

“The Taif Agreement was done by the States, the Saudis, and implemented by the Syrians.” (p. 11) (implemented???)

“Of course, I don’t like foreign invasions. Sometimes it is needed, sometimes it’s not.” (p. 14) (sometimes it is needed, yeah…. like the Israeli and Syrian invasions of Lebanon, right?)

“As for the secular establishment, I think Saad Hariri and I and others now are no more being seen as representative of our own communities. I think we have been able to cross the boundaries of the actual communities. I think so. I think so. I mean, even Samir Geagea, others. Later on when we’ll have a Lebanese President, we have to engage it to what we are saying, establishing a modern state, but now the issue is how to get a Lebanese President. (p.31) (in direct contradiction with the first quote, where he is rightly depicted as the representative of the Druze community. Note that the second part of that first quote, about Lebanese interests, does not negate the sectarian nature of his leadership. And of course, it is always about “now the issue is [insert your favourite issue of the day/month/year]”)

Enjoy, and most important of all, learn from the best.


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