Not such a great Alternative, after all…

On Alternative-Online:

Hariri was never a thief. He was not responsible for the deteriorating socio-economic situation in Lebanon. On the contrary, his name gave a push for the nation’s fiscal policies as trust of foreign investors was elevated in the country thanks to him serving as a guarantee.

Leftists conforming to Hariri’s economic policies might seem awkward in principle. But in a country like Lebanon, where nothing is actually what it really looks like, the leftists should make an exception. Hariri always intended to build a modern state, even if this state was modeled after capitalist economies.

Leftists should support the endeavor of Hariri and any other politicians willing to build a modern state in Lebanon. Once the modern state comes into existence, then the leftists will have the luxury of opposing Hariri’s policies all they can and debate such policies out loud. During his tenure as Prime Minister, Hariri never showed a behavior that he was not willing to listen to other economic or political philosophies and theories.

The real website should’ve been The HYD (Haraket Yassar Demoqrati) / DLM (Democratic Left Movement) is pathetic.


3 responses to “Not such a great Alternative, after all…

  1. A pity indeed. It was not originally meant to be like that. As someone who has witnessed it since its inception, I feel sorry about the state of affairs it is now in.

  2. Well what do you reallly expect of them ??
    man i feel sorry for LCP … they shud really upgrade themselves so that lesftism is not restricted to those assholes…
    Those leftists think its “uncool” to talk about the poor and hungry ….
    Screw them all

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