Al-Mustaqbal’s priorities

Al-Mustaqbal (Hariri clan) newspaper is oblivious to the events that have been taking place in Lebanon … except for the presidency issue, of course, and the Syrian opposition. While every other major newspaper (see for example Sada Al-Balad, Al-Nahar) has dedicated either a front page or a second page (or at least the main story on the online edition if not the paper edition) to the confirmation of the identities of the fallen in the last battle of the civil war – whose remains were discovered recently – and the ceremony that took place in their honour yesterday, Al-Mustaqbal seems to consider printing a picture of Al-Saniura having lunch at some restaurant (also appeared on page 2 of today’s print edition) infinitely more important than printing pictures of the ceremony, which appeared only on page 6 of the print edition and was found on the online edition only after a search… This is the priority that the Hariri clan accords to the defenders of the state. Now imagine the (non)priority that Hariri clan (by no means the only one) bestows upon commoners like you and me. Unless of course I missed the pictures and the report on the front page of the newspaper, in which case I stand corrected and a thousand apologies to the Hariri clan.


2 responses to “Al-Mustaqbal’s priorities

  1. ” ALL martyrs are equal
    But some martyrs are more equal than others “”


  2. Love that book. 🙂 A classic.

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