60 years later…

Would you live in the same apartment building as an Arab?

NO: 68% of Jews

YES: 26% of Jews

Would you allow an Arab to visit your home?

NO: 46% of Jews

YES: 50% of Jews

Segregation of Jews and Arabs in places of recreation?

YES: 41% of Jews

NO: 52% of Jews

“Arabs are a security and demographic threat to Israel”

AGREE: 63% of Jews

DISAGREE: 31% of Jews

“The state needs to support the emigration of Arab citizens”

AGREE: 40% of Jews

DISAGREE: 52% of Jews

“Arab culture is inferior to Israeli culture”

AGREE: 34% of Jews

DISAGREE: 57% of Jews

Upon hearing people speaking Arabic, you feel:

DISCOMFORT: 50% of Jews

HATRED: 18% of Jews


6 responses to “60 years later…

  1. Dammit!
    Where was this poll taken?

  2. In Israel… that great Jewish state.

  3. by the way, good work

  4. My bad, I should’ve linked to the report or mentioned that these were Israeli Jews. Although I guess not much of a difference…

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