Changed the theme. Kinda got bored of the other one. I like the new one better, although I guess the 3-column design was more appropriate, as I have too many links, and many (including myself) hate scrolling down a huge list every time they want to access a certain feature. That's the only downside. I've tried to put the most important ones at the top. Unfortunately, the categories will have to go below the links.

I apologize to my dear and faithful readers for not updating this blog. I've been busy and haven't exactly been able to stay on top of everything. But, I've been enjoying lots of curry and tandoori.

A confessions post soon to come! Stay tuned, folks! You will receive the shock of your life! (OK, not that I matter that much, but still, I like to feel important… and let me tell you, there's some fierce competition when it comes to that!)


One response to “Update

  1. Love the new theme!

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