Monthly Archives: May 2006

A Phone Call

Around 1 pm, I received a phone call. The conversation went as follows:

Me: Hello?

Woman: Madame bl beyt? (Is the "madame" at home?)

At this point, I felt like playing around, a bit, since it was assumed that the people they were calling would definitely have a maid.

Me: Meen ma3ee? (Who's speaking?)

Woman: Madame msh bl beyt? (The "madame" is not at home?)

Me: Meen ma3ee????

Woman: N7na mn mu2assasat (bla bla) (We're from the so and so organization)

Me: *cutting her off* OK.

Woman: Badna n7kee ma3 l madame (We want to talk with the "madame")

Me: l madame msh bl beyt. ("Madame" is not at home)

Woman: *In a very sarcastic way* Ma twekhzeena, eh???

*CLICK* (she hangs up)

This is the second time in 2 weeks that I receive such a call, where people assume that the person picking up the phone is a maid. And you may ask me, what is wrong with that? And if you do, then I will tell you, go get your head checked. I think I should add a catagory called "stupidity" to file such entries under. But I guess that would be redundant.


Noam Chomsky in Lebanon

I am not a big fan of Noam Chomsky, but here we go – this talk is PUBLIC (i.e. open to all):