A Phone Call

Around 1 pm, I received a phone call. The conversation went as follows:

Me: Hello?

Woman: Madame bl beyt? (Is the "madame" at home?)

At this point, I felt like playing around, a bit, since it was assumed that the people they were calling would definitely have a maid.

Me: Meen ma3ee? (Who's speaking?)

Woman: Madame msh bl beyt? (The "madame" is not at home?)

Me: Meen ma3ee????

Woman: N7na mn mu2assasat (bla bla) (We're from the so and so organization)

Me: *cutting her off* OK.

Woman: Badna n7kee ma3 l madame (We want to talk with the "madame")

Me: l madame msh bl beyt. ("Madame" is not at home)

Woman: *In a very sarcastic way* Ma twekhzeena, eh???

*CLICK* (she hangs up)

This is the second time in 2 weeks that I receive such a call, where people assume that the person picking up the phone is a maid. And you may ask me, what is wrong with that? And if you do, then I will tell you, go get your head checked. I think I should add a catagory called "stupidity" to file such entries under. But I guess that would be redundant.


7 responses to “A Phone Call

  1. We often get people calling our house and asking if one of our parents is home, and it happens to both me and my husband (I’m in my late 30s and he’s in his early 40s). I tell them no, they say “ok” and then hang up. The way I see it, if they’re too stupid to realize that they’re already talking to one of the two adults in the house, they don’t deserve the opportunity to try to sell me something. 🙂

  2. Create that category, it will surely be needed 🙂

  3. sadly, souni3a fi loubnan..

  4. How come maids dont smoke???

    i mean, seriously, have you ever seen a maid thats smoking??!?!?!

    thats something i would pay to see …..

    GIVE THE MAIDS THEIR BASIC RIGHTS (of smokin and partyin)

  5. Neruda,
    We had a maid who smoked. Not only that, but she had Pre-marital Sex too.

  6. Hi,

    Are u busy/have you moved?


  7. Hey all you guys are re-tarted, that means behind in you thinking. The person calling can never assume that the female head of the house is the one who answered the phone——- so they ask???? Whats wrong with that??? Lebanese households typically consist of seven members, hence, the probability that the “Madam” answers the phone is only one in seven……… so the caller needs to ask!!!!— just in case a child or grandma who is not authorized to make decisions answers the phone. So please don’t blame the caller if you sound like an play-full immature child or a hard of hearing grandma……….. or even a “lowly maid”

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