Awaiting the Terrors of the Skies

An Israeli gunship was just directly hit and, according to various sources, sunk.

We now sit and wait for the IAF to strike… civilian targets that is.

Before we know it, we’ll be in a regional war. What, a regional war, for 2 soldiers. Oh yeah, deterrence, they say. Hmm, deter what? A strike on Haifa? Or is it Tel Aviv? We shall see. Soon.

God help us all.


3 responses to “Awaiting the Terrors of the Skies

  1. Mary-Beth Frazee

    Just 2 soldiers?! Where have you been? Haven’t you been keeping up
    with all the terrorist attacks against innocent civilian Jews over the
    past years? No the 2 soldiers were just the straw that broke the
    camel’s back – now those cowardly terrorists are hollering because
    they aggitated the lion, and he’s striking back. You terrorists asked
    for it – now take your medicine.

  2. Bravo pour la réponse. On voit que le monde n’a pas changer.
    On attaque Israel et on dit que c’est les juifs. Peut être
    qu’un jour la religion perdra son influence extrême sur les
    hommes pour qu’ils puissent enfin croire en eux.

  3. Hizbollah deserves it. British forces will hopefully assist the Israelis to disarm Hizbollah and end the influence of Syria and Iran in Lebanon.

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