Getting ready, hmm…

Having a generator is a luxury; I haven’t felt that most parts of the country don’t have electricity today. Now that I think about it, I won’t have power past 12 am, since that is when our generator automatically turns off. Things are still going downhill, Israel seems to be dead set on further escalation (?? Could it escalate any further?? Oh yeah, Israel can still draw Syria and Iran into this, as it has already been hinting at). Tonight promises to be one hell of a fireworks show. Free admission too. I can probably blog past that hour thanks to my batteries and dial-up (will we have the luxury of phone lines by then, I wonder?). For that I will have to preserve my batteries until things get “hot”, and thus expect an entry after 3-4 am my time (GMT +2). Was having a conversation with my dad, he finally started to take this whole thing seriously, said we should stock up on food (maybe it’s too late already?). Could get our car tank full today, still no water.

I will be back with more. Stay tuned.


9 responses to “Getting ready, hmm…

  1. The world is listening.

  2. Ohhh poor Lebanese without electricity….awww poor innocent lebanese civilians hurt.
    STOP COMPLAINING – the lebanese brought this upon yourself by harboring terrorists!! Hezbollah attacked Israel first, don’t forget that. What do you expect Israel to do…sit idly by and wait for more kidnappings (and presumably torturing since these terrorists are BARBARIANS) to go on? israel is the ONLY DEMOCRACY in that whole region and anybody who cares about freedom and rights and not about TYRRANIES AND BARBARIANS, let israel take care of these terrorists once and for all, however they want to go about it.

  3. The beginning of the end! The plug has been pulled and the vortex will begin to draw us all in. The israelis should of taken care of business two thousand years ago but this is what happens when you don’t finish a fight. The looser comes back with more anger and “more cousins”.

  4. I would not want to be in syrian and iranian shoes today.
    This sound like the ultimate offensive to get rid off the hateful terrorist states.
    Big, big, big bombs will fall, I presume!

    You don’t allow guerillas within your country – One!
    You don’t get into an embassy and kidnap their people – two!
    There are just basic rules in a civilized world!!

    Now, those who LOVE are in the process of getting barbaric just to get rid of HATRED.
    It is the fight between GOOD and evil!
    Just a pacific attitude.
    Not a pacifist one.
    Good people will hurt in the process and that is what is sad!

  5. All this talk of IRAN and Syria.. (Is just Silly)

    The people of Israel are intelligent enough to know that an attack on Syria, will draw IRAN into the conflict.

    IRAN has been beefing up their military capibility for many years with all that oil money they get from china, and have purchased long range balistic missles from china, Many of which are facing tel aviv…

    Oh by the way, IRAN’s biggest trading partner is CHINA.. China recieves most of its oil from Russia and IRAN. Russia and China both secretly back IRAN…

    The difference between IRAN and Isreal is!
    IRAN does not care about flattening an entire city of filled with innocent civilians. Israel does care!

    So If Isreal attacks Syria, need to be prepared to totally decimate IRAN (which is totally unjustified or I.E. genocide) or end up being decimated!

    I think that all parties involved need to take another look at diplomacy…

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  7. Haters, do us a favour & plunge your heads in ice water. The Greek fathers would be turning in their graves at the idea of Israel being declared a democracy. The people of Lebanon and Gaza are under REAL, murderous attack you heartless twats. I’d say the only exposure you’ve had to death is roadkill, perhaps under your own wheels. Go redirect your energies to playstation or something. Like irate shoppers who treat sales people like dirt, clearly never having worked in the service of others, your spew betrays your complete protection from any real danger to your lives. Go play God of War or something else that indulges your bloodlust. Better still, go out & see the world. And, get an education.

  8. “jeremy” clearly knows fuck all about Lebanese politics.


  9. Yeah, gotta love trolls. It’s ironic that no one was talking this way when Israel was the only one pounding and destroying. Now that an Israeli warship has been severely damaged and who knows, even sunk, hate-mongerers are out of the den to get their anger out by advocating the mass-murder of innocents. It seems they’re getting just that. Seriously guys, get a punching bag or something.

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