Hateful comments

I love how I am being bombarded by hateful comments. Better than bombs, I suppose, huh? I won’t turn off comments nor moderate them. I will let them do my job, let them show what they truly are all about: baby-killers (or supporters of these). From the security and luxury of their homes in CALIFORNIA et al.

Calm over Beirut. Hopefully the sinking of the Israeli gunship will make Israel rethink this whole thing. Before it’s too late. I don’t expect them to do so. And unfortunately my expectations are always right (not to brag – no there is nothing to brag about, not when it concerns the imminent threat of carpet bombing entire residential neighbourhoods).

Update: Power just got cut off after some 2 hours of rationing, generator will turn off in 10 minutes. I’m off for now and if nothing happens I won’t be posting an update until tomorrow. If something happens I will get on with batteries and dial-up. So far, it’s calm.


12 responses to “Hateful comments

  1. This is a supporting comment.
    God help you all.

    ttallou, Greece

  2. Shame on you Israel. Shame on US for not condemning you.

  3. Concerned Israeli

    Every story has two sides, my mother and younger sister are spending the night underground in a bombshelter in northern Israel and tommorow are attending a funeral of one of our nieghbours, your country is not the only one falling apart, but it is your goverments fault that it can not control your southern border, lets not forget that nassralla started this all and he doesn’t care for lebanese residents at all. For this to stop the hizballa has to uprooted from its strongholds in Lebanon and that is up to the Lebanese to do.

  4. Saddened Canadian

    I am saddened by the extreme violence and suffering in Lebanon and Israel. I find it impossible to understand the conflict and I am hoping for an immediate ceasefire. I am admittedly naive….why can’t Israel give more land and autonomy to peace loving Palestinians? Why does a mother knowingly allow her child to strap explosives to themselves? Why do extremists think a western way of life is so wrong? Why can’t we embrace peace and allow for cultural differences?

  5. It didnt sink four sailors are missing a few more might be dead but come on for the israelis this is a small price lebanon has much much more to lose

  6. Missing? What, the rocket snatched them and took them to Ahmadinejad? Um, the ship is not that big, 2 rockets can do the job.

  7. Hey “Concerned Israeli”,

    I am sorry to hear that, I am sure every story has two sides, from a civilian perspective at least.

    You should not blame us or our government for what is happening NOW. What is happening NOW is purely the result of Israeli refusal to deal with this diplomatically and negotiate. None of this would’ve happened had Israel not struck our airport, attacked our civilians, destroyed our civilian infrastructure.

  8. ttallou, Greece

    @Concerned Israeli,

    the difference is that it’s not the official goverment of Libanon that attacked, but just a “dozen” of mad fanatics; whereas the war-response of Israel was an official state one…

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  10. If the Israeli people do not fight back the fascists that rule them (olmert and all of his junta), then these things will keep going on, as they were at the times of Ariel Sharon. One thing the Israeli Government and its American protectors fail to understand, is that aggression brings more aggression and the cycle just keeps going on………..And their actions turn them into a rogue state, wich is even worse than a troupe of religious loonies with a nuclear arsenal

  11. Zappa,
    I think the failure of understanding falls on both sides

  12. Today President Bush said, “We have been touch with Syria. Syria knows what we think. They know exactly what our position is. There response has not be positive.”

    I believe this reflects the Bush Administration’s policy of our-way or the highway diplomacy. Unless all the parties with interests in a dispute are permitted to participate in a peace process it is simply not logical to expect “lasting peace” will be result.

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