Operation Just Reward???

I could not sleep at night; even though here we can’t hear much of the sounds of bombings, the roar of Israeli jets hasn’t stopped since the early hours of morning. I slept at 2 am and woke up to the sounds at 4 am, and ever since every few minutes we can hear the jets. Much of Lebanese infrastructure has been destroyed. Today there are very few cars on the roads, people expressing desire to go back to work but most not doing so due to fuel shortages. Most gas stations are closed, and those that are open are not allowing more than 20,000L.P’s worth of refill of tanks per car. That’s not much to go around with. Our apartment water tanks have almost been emptied and tried to order water from distributors (no regular flowing water in this area), but they refused to deliver, saying there is diesel shortage. These coming days we will be waterless, and who knows, without electricity too. We have not had abnormal power outages. So nothing out of the ordinary on that front (yet). Our airport is being bombed again, apparently the Israelis think the damage was not enough, so they’re finishing the job now. Watching live pictures of strikes, and thinking, what is the point? The airport is clearly not being used, and if it is, one would think “the terrors of the skies” would be keeping an eye on it. So if not pure malice, what is this? Today I talked with a number of people, people who used to hate HezbAllah and wanted to see it disarmed, all expressed similar feelings, arguing that Israel was only looking for a pretext to do it (because what else can explain such behaviour?), and even if HezbAllah had not given it the pretext it would’ve found another. People here are angry at the world community for not lifting a finger to stop Israel from targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure. The whole world watches as the blockade and planned starvation of an entire country continues. The country has ground to a halt. The only movement in this area (30 minutes from the city center) is at an apartment building construction site. Most construction work here has come to a stop, workers are nowhere to be seen. After 65+ civilians killed, HezbAllah command and operations chain seems intact (hitting HezbAllah indeed). Also forgot to add yesterday, Al Manar TV station was also targeted, another clear violation of conventions, the targeting of journalists. No electricity at the moment. We have a power generator that works on diesel, but it just went off because we are filling up the tanks (thank goodness). For probably the last time in some time. That will last for 2 weeks or so, depending on how much electricity rationed to our area. I expect that in the coming days and months we will not have much power. If the Zouk power station is hit the whole area will go dark. The Israelis (i.e. government/army) never fail to satisfy my predictions, their behaviour getting more and more disgusting by the day. I cannot quite express how disgusted I am. So I will refrain from saying anything. I have also been stopping myself from checking out some of the more “hawkish” Israeli blogs out there. Their wet dreams have come true, after all, have they not? They are cheering, probably yelling “Jewish power!” à la “white power!”. But no more, I will stop here on that theme. I have taken out my pair of binoculars and have been observing our territorial waters. Today a friend told me he had spotted two ships on the horizon. Israeli. Not sure, are they that close to the shores? But then again, it can’t possibly be anything other than Israeli ships. My batteries are down to 85% already, trying to finish this entry and post it (phone lines still working thank goodness, so I can use the dial-up now that the router is off). The mood here is surprisingly calm-ish, worried yes, angry at Israel yes, but people have been thinking and talking very little about internal divisions. We’re in it all together now, we might as well put up with it without fighting amonst each other, they figure. First signs of maturity? Or maybe I’m being premature in my judgement. Let’s cross our fingers and keep them crossed. I know that there will be a political storm in Lebanon once this is over, or maybe not, who knows? The more disgusting Israeli actions become, the less the chances that its “pressurizing” will open decisive talks on the future of HezbAllah’s weapons. That’s for sure.

The power’s back on and watching Al-Manar TV, they have video clips on, showing HezbAllah fighters in action before the Israeli withdrawal, and a new clip showing the names and pictures of the newly targeted communities. Psychological warfare. HezbAllah has said that it will target Haifa soon, in keeping with its promise. The alleged report of a rocket on Haifa yesterday has not been confirmed – to the best of my knowledge – by international agency reporters, though posted on such websites as BBC and CNN (from IDF sources). Can you believe it, Lebanon is witnessing an open war against it, a naval and aerial siege, and the BBC has dedicated a section to “Israeli Voices”. What is wrong with people??? I wonder, would BBC have put a “Lebanese Voices” section had HezbAllah sent a rocket barrage over Ben-Gurion Airport? It’s always about what Israelis feel, always about Israeli faces, Israeli lives, Israeli losses. What are we? Only faceless victims, supposed to suffer just because soldiers have been kidnapped. Soldiers for God’s sake. Operation Just Reward??? Who comes up with these names anyway?? No! I say, OPERATION TRUE VOW!!! Rockets over Beirut? Rockets over Haifa! It seems Israel can only learn from the language of violence against civilians. If I am fed up sitting here in the luxury of my apartment watching Beirut burn from up here, imagine the rest of the Lebanese. Hit HezbAllah? I think not!


2 responses to “Operation Just Reward???

  1. Anarchistian, your blogspace is one of the few human antidotes to the production-line rhetoric we’ve grown accustomed to, especially here in Rupert’s Own Country – far enough to enjoy guaranteed electricity and no immediate threat of liquidation, grapple with the guilt of distance, and slow-burn with rage and impotence in the face of this merciless, sadistic killing of Lebanon.

  2. Great presentation Anarchristian, as always highly impressive

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