I hate to do this, but afraid I must


Massacre of civilian refugees fleeing Marwahin, South Lebanon. Clearly terrorists. Don’t shoot the messenger. Shoot the bomber.

Source: Yahoo News Photos


22 responses to “I hate to do this, but afraid I must

  1. OMG anarch,
    this is the most disturbing picture I have yet seen.

    What is HA waiting for before fullfilling his promise? What is there to lose?

  2. HA is still shooting rocket barrages across the border, it is still operating freely in the south. This is no longer about HezbAllah, never was, nor about the soldiers (who’s talking about soldiers?). It’s about destroying Lebanon. South north east west. All of it. I am fucking amazed that an entire country can be bombed to rubbles and the world can stand there and fold its arms and watch. Or are they even watching? What the fuck is wrong with western media, where are the images of children massacred??? What, we’re not even worth the one tenths the minutes on TV that Israel gets every time there is a suicide bombing???

  3. Clearly. let HA base itself and its ammo inside villages and that’s what u get. use army radar to guide HA missils and thats what u get. The guys shooting rockets at us are simple villagers. clearly.

  4. God allmighty … have they lost every sense of humanity??? This picture horrifies me, gives me a hard time breathing … GOD how horrible can it get??? PLEASE stay safe … WATCH YOURSELF!!

  5. Israeli, how can you say that? How? I was looking at pictures of Israelis too, a father sitting by the body of his dead son covered by a blanket, and my heart hurt. How can you advocate such a thing?? How??? What can justify this? Was that child firing at you? They were merely fleeing, they were not even in the village itself. The car was directly targeted by missiles while on the road.

    Monsters, that’s what you are!

  6. I’ve always wondered two things about the middle east:

    Why is it that supporters of the resistance can’t figure out that resistance in its current form is not working to their benefit?

    Why do the victims of western munitions continue to follow leaders that invite this death and destruction upon them?

  7. please – the pic is very disturbing, and i feel so sorry for you people in Lebanon. i’m sorry if i hurt you or any other reader.

    your text next to the pic was also disturbing. “clearly terrorists” as if it’s a video game we are all watching, and israel had a bad shot. the situation is complicated and it’s not all about a messenger and a bomber of which one should be taken down.

    sorry again.

    and try not to call people monsters before you get to know them.

  8. Purr plexed, the resistance has been patient, and yet all of Lebanon has been destroyed, from the south to the north to the east. And so, rockets on Haifa. And soon, Tel Aviv. You cannot imagine the immense hatred that the people here freshly feel towards Israel. And it is Israel’s own doing. By targeting the people, by starving the people, it is only ensuring that HezbAllah, or a new HezbAllah (in case this one is eliminated – which I doubt will be the case) will grow and prosper. What is the purpose of hitting the army? The north, where there is not even one HezbAllah operative? Ports in predominantly Christian areas? If it is collective punishment then we all know what its end result has been and always will be.

  9. Anarchistian,
    I’m still lost. What do you mean by “the resitance has been patient”? If the actions of the resistance cause the Israeli response, and the actions of Israelis cause the resistance’s response how does the violence end? Furthermore, if the resistance is paying a higher price in casualties and overall loss why isn’t it seen as a failure? I wonder if its because they expect western (Bush)intervention to save the day.

  10. how does the violence end?

    The violence ends when Israel accepts the Lebanese unconditional offer for ceasefire.

    The resistance is not paying higher price in casualties. The resistance has not lost much.

  11. Okay, I meant the people that the resistance use as human shields, and those who’s homes and places of worship they use as weapons caches are paying a higher price.
    The resistance has lost everything, people in the region have no normalcy in their lives all they know is hatred.

  12. They are not human shields. They are supporters. Also, all of Lebanon is being hit, not just areas where HezbAllah has supporters and operates from. There is virtually no HezbAllah in the north, nor in Mount Lebanon. Nor in Junieh where the port was hit. This has nothing to do with HezbAllah anymore. Trust me.

  13. If Hezballah is part of the Lebanese gov’t, uses Lebanese infrastructure to carry out its resistance, and the people are supporters how can their be any distinction in Israeli targets?

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  15. HezbAllah does not exist in the North, nor Mount Lebanon.

  16. Does the Lebanese gov’t exist in the North and Mount Lebanon? If the Lebanese allow Hezballah to exist in their midst are they not complicit?

  17. The Lebanese Army is in the North and Mount Lebanon, they were targeted too.

  18. Doesn’t the Lebanese army support Hezballah directly and indirectly?

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  20. purr plexed,
    Based on your line of reasoning, shouldn’t most Israelis be legitimate targets because
    a) they voted for the current Israeli government that has authorized the destruction of Lebanon
    b) The IDF is using Israeli infrastructure to carry out its bombing missions
    c) and almost all Israelis are currently either in active duty in the IDF or as reservists, or have served at one point or another in the IDF?

    Hezbollah is not the only group that places its weapon caches around civilian infrastructures. The Israelis (presumably Jewish Israelis) have built armanent plants and storage depot close to the Arab communities in Israel. According to Jonathan Cook,

    “Several Israeli armaments factories and storage depots have been built close by Arab communities in the north of Israel, possibly in the hope that by locating them there Arab regimes will be deterred from attacking Israel’s enormous armory. In other words, the inhabitants of several of Israel’s Arab towns and villages have been turned into collective human shields – protection for Israel’s war machine.”


  21. See the pictures of this atrocity available at the Wikipedia Commons:

  22. I just do not know how can Israelis just comment on this site after they see what they are doing to our children. I believe the best thing instead is to look and contemplate deeply before reflecting. Israelis do not know the meaning of freedom to know what resistance is. What you call the state of Israel has done nothing but occupation, killing, massacres and bloodshed. How could such people understand what resistence is.To all Israelis do not let your leaders fool you. We all have nothing against true Jews we respect Prophet Moses just as we respect Prophet Muhammed (saaws). However be aware of your zionist leaders who have not succeeded since their immergence except in bloodshed and thus further hatred for you. It is time to rethink freely. You call for democracy and freedom but you are the least free people in the world ( You just reiterate what your media and leaders impose on you). Take your time and think freely for a second. What are you Israelis doing in other people’s lands and houses. Don’t believe what your leaders say that this land was promised by God for the Jews. God’s religions are never created to be national and restricted within Geography. Religions should be universal. I believe it is time to read and learn about Islam in depth rather than listening to what is imposed to you by the zionist media all over the world. The following is a link for some electronic books about true islam which I urge you to read.
    If you would like to discuss the issue further feel free to email or msn on nader_osseiran@hotmail.com

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