Israel strengthens HezbAllah

6:30 am: Got the power back at 6 am. Was checking news and glad to see so far Israel has not taken any rash actions – well, other than what it has been doing in Lebanon for the past 2 days, that is. We had a perfectly calm night. We might not have a calm morning or afternoon today, so I got a good night’s sleep. We might not have that luxury in the coming days. I am not sure what’s going to happen next. If the Olmert government is that stupid it will retaliate. But that only means that it will, because this whole situation is the product of the stupidity of the Israeli government to begin with (even if HezbAllah is guilty as charged of initiating it). Yesterday a commentator/analyst on TV said that the Olmert government deserved an award/prize for stupidity. Just stupidity?

They claim the gunship was hit by drones; I am not so sure about that. They looked like rockets. Saw the moment of release. They didn’t look much like drones at the moment of firing. I think Israel is trying to minimize the psychological impact by assuring its citizens that it was not a rocket/missile but a “small drone”.

I was just responding to someone about this whole situation, and I made the following observation:

HezbAllah is not blameless, sure. But what Israel has done has pushed 99% of Lebanon’s population into the arms of HezbAllah, and rightly so. It’s not HezbAllah’s fault if Israel keeps strengthening it.

I’m off. Will be back.

Update @ 7:50 am: Well, that didn’t last long, did it? And so I am back. As are Israeli jets, at the moment bombing terrorist roads in the South. Seems the Israelis are dead set. No pun intended, of course.

7:58 am: I just heard a loud boom, not sure what it was, maybe it was from the construction site near us.

9:05 am: Israeli jets flying low over Mount Lebanon and Beirut!!!

9:17 am: Power just got cut off again. Israeli jets still flying low over us!!!

9:28 am: Now the Israelis are being fucking childish. They just dropped leaflets depicting Nasrallah as a cobra. If this is supposed to be psychological warfare, I am rolling on the floor laughing. It’s official – Olmert’s government has lost its mind. Hmm, but then again, did it ever have one???


19 responses to “Israel strengthens HezbAllah

  1. The ship was not sunk if it has been something tells me you wouldnt have had a good night there.They also hit a second egyptian ship with the rockets and as for protecting the israelis for some major psychological impact come on there is 250000 in shelters in the north the ship has sailed in regrads to protecting them from psychologial damage

  2. Had the ship not been struck Beirut would have burned last night. And that is just the beginning. We’ve got nothing to lose but our lives at this point, and if that is going to happen, we will take as many Israelis down with us as possible. We asked for negotiations you gave us war. And war you shall have.

  3. What the hell i didnt think you were sush a jihadi is that you really talking remember one thing no matter how many israelis are killed ten times more lebanese will die.Answer me this what are the maronties in the north saying about this are they with hizbullah do they not give a crap when its the shia being bombed

  4. I am not a Jihadi!! I am not even Muslim. You don’t even know what you’re talking about!!!!!!!!!

    The Lebanese have never been so united before. The Israeli war crimes have ensured such a thing.

  5. Really well if you say so its the same in israel though all sections of society are just as united as you are.They always unite in hard times wich this is but it has not got to them that much i was talking to my siter who is in telaviv and there still going out to clubs and enjoying life.

  6. Quit acting like such a child. Innocent civilians are dying. War is not a joke. If your country is not a coward let them strike at militants not innocents in villages and cities, not airports and runways, not birdges and roads. HezbAllah’s initial strike targeted soldiers, HezbAllah kidnapped soldiers, and you responded by bombing airports and massacring children. If your country continues to do this, then your sister might not enjoy clubbing much longer, as the streets of Tel Aviv will be filled with blood. You may boast of killing 1000 Lebanese for every Israeli, but that only shows how little you value HUMAN life. Innocent civilian life.

  7. Nuke Iran, Syria and Lebanon = The best solution is for lasting peace.

    Is time to make clean the map and then they will think twice before getting into a war again.

    May the hoarde burn your eyes out and grind your bones into the wheat fields.

    Ra is back and he’s pissed.

  8. I know im sorry i know its not a joke i have family who live right next to border in metulla so i am actually scared about this im up all night seeing what will happen next checking the news and dreading what might come today.I look at it like this its a matter of fact that if the streets of telaviv will be filled with blood the streets of beirut will be overflowing with blood.And you would have to be blind to see that hizbullah could care less about the lives of civillians when they killed the soldiers they knew well what would happen but they still went ahead and what for samir quntar

  9. Regardless of whether or not HezbAllah knew what would happen, did it knowingly or not, cared about civilians or not, facts remain facts, and fact is, Israel overreacted, blew things out of proportion, rejected out of hand the diplomatic option, and is still doing so. Why? Are we to assume this is just for the 2 soldiers? I don’t think so. I think there are much broader objectives and this was merely a pretext. And on both sides of the border innocent people are dying. CHILDREN for God’s sake!!! I was looking at photos, I saw an Israeli man sitting on the grass and next to him his 5-year-old son. DEAD. Covered by a blanket. Was it worth it? Was it all worth it? 80+ civilian lives lost here in Lebanon, and that’s the unofficial figure. Why can’t Israelis see what their government is doing? Is it because it’s always easy to blame HezbAllah? Sure HezbAllah is to be blamed, but what about Israel? This is not black and white. Wake up!!!

  10. Also, it was not just for Samir Quntar, there are hundreds if not thousands of Lebanese detainees in Israeli prisons. These people have families, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children. If you can justify what Israel is doing, and blame HezbAllah for capturing the soldiers to free Lebanese detainees, what about Lebanon? Would such logic give us the green light to declare war on the entire country, blockade it (granted we do not have that kind of technology or equipment – but we’re talking hypothetically), bomb it, massacre children? Given that Israel refuses to release these…

  11. Humans are but shit making machines that destroy more than they create.

    Who gives a rat ass if they all fry? Your arguments are that of a brainless child that see only shitmakers as relevant.

    Humanity as crapped in its nest and fouled the earth.Planet better left to the animals than overpopulated with idiots argueing over who should shit more.

  12. I didnt think there was many lebanese left in israelis jails werent most of them exchanged of that buinessman. Do know what he quantar did he bashed in a 4 year old girl head with a stone a 4 year old girl . I know about the grandmother and grandson who were killed in meron but only 4 have been killed so far im not braging but this shows that more leabnese are in danger of being killed Did the ship actually sink i was reading something on electronic intifada and a eyewitnes said it did did you hear anything im very curious they might be covering it up.

  13. Our reports suggest the ship sank. I witnessed the release of the rockets, and I can say they were not drones, they were rockets/missiles, and the hits were direct.

    Yes there are many Lebanese prisoners in Israeli jails.

  14. Thats funny because they say the ship is now back in haifa i dont think they could cover it up if it has sunk it would have got out by now what no way could they cover up 80 soldiers being killed.What about the other ship the egyptian one maybe that was the one that went down after being hit by the rockets.Im curious have you any opinion on quantar and what he did

  15. I found your blog through Bashir’s and am very happy I did! Please
    don’t care about the hatemail you’re getting … I’m sure you’re standing above these ignorants who have nothing better to do but spill their guts with insults ect. – you’re FAR above them!
    I know that every even small support in such a terrible situation is worth gold – it makes one realize there’s still someone out there who cares! I am following the unfolding horrors as closely as possible and rest assured, it tears me apart – it hurts me to the bone!
    I pray for you ALL .. PLEASE WATCH YOURSELF and STAY STRONG!! I’m with you guys, supporting you all the way!!!

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  17. Karin,
    outside support only fuels the internal ignorance of which neither side has a monopoly.

  18. Pingback,
    I thought drones were more sophistcated than rockets.

  19. Pingback,
    I thought drones were more sophisticated than rockets. I’m not following your reasoning.

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