Syria’s persuasive powers

Ha’aretz reports: Bush calls on Syria to persuade Hezbollah to halt rocket attacks.

Persuade HezbAllah? Syria? Is this an attempt by the Israeli-American axis to get Syria (and by extention Iran) involved? It seems like it! Is the Israeli-American axis placing the 4 million Lebanese on the sacrificial altar of regime change in Syria? It seems like it!

Update @ 5:36 pm: Loud boom a few minutes ago, smoke rising over the southern residential suburbs of Beirut.

Update @ 6:38 pm: Beirut Port hit, as I predicted (I was saying this to a couple of friends, they dismissed it, saying that it wasn’t necessary given that Israel had already imposed a naval siege).

Update @ 6:57 pm: Junieh Port north of Beirut reportedly hit. The (one-sided) war against our terrorist facilities is extending over to this side. The blasts were so close the entire building shook.

Update @ 6:59 pm: Manara / Ain Mreisseh hit. Used to pass through that area every day.

Update @ 7:21 pm: Beirut lighthouse hit. Clearly “HezbAllah infrastructure”.

Update @ 7:32: Batroun targeted. Lebanese soldier killed. HezbAllah terrorist. Clearly.

Update @ 7:40 pm: Army radar station near the northern city of Batroun hit. Army under heavy fire. I heard one report – though uncomfirmed – that leaflets have been dropped saying “al-watan dahiyatu al-muqawama” (the nation is the victim of the resistance).

Terrible massacre pictures being shown on TV (but you won’t see that on CNN or Fox News, they will instead show the complaints of Israelis in Tiberias – they apparently are bothered by the sounds of IDF artillery shells being fired from nearby). Charred bodies. Unrecognizable. Babies. Children.


6 responses to “Syria’s persuasive powers

  1. Everyone knows that Iran and Syria are funding Hezbollah – hence Bush’s call for Syrian intervention. If the United States can pressure Syria to cut Hezbollah off and withdraw their support for the organization, perhaps then Hezbollah will get the message, stop launching missles at Israel, return the kidnapped soldiers, and then this war will be over.

    I agree with many of the things you write, but try to see it from both sides.

    I feel bad that the Lebanese people are suffering because a faction within its government has decided that it is worth losing 4 million Lebanese people in exchange for holding two young Israeli soldiers. Israel will not given up until the soldiers are returned and the bombing of northern Israel ends.

  2. First Bush calls Syria as part of the Axis of evil, then Bush wants Syria’s help.

    Only means one thing. Bush is an freaking idiot.

  3. I don’t think Bush wasn’t asking for Syria’s help 🙂
    Why did Hezbollah and Hamas pick a fight with a superior force unless they were counting on western intervention?
    The whole premise of terrorism relies on the benevolence of a more civilized opponent. Cannot one person of wisdom stand up and lead these people out of their misery. The United States cannot do it.

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  5. Jon,
    Sure, everyone knows Iran and Syria are funding and probably providing the rockets to Hezbollah. It’s been widely reported by the mainstream media and it’s on the mouth of almost every Israeli and US politician. But why don’t you ask yourself this question? Who is funding and arming the Israelis with the F-16 fighter jets, the Apache attack helicopters, and the bombs and guide missiles that are raining deaths and destructions on the Lebanese civilians? Why isn’t the fact that the US is providing most of Israel’s war machines being publicly reported? If there is one country that has any leeway over Israel, it’s the US. Bush does not have to call for Syria to intervene. All he has to do is to stop the conflict is to threaten to withhold the more than $3 billion dollars a year of weapons and aid to Israel.

    If Israel has its “right to self defense” by bombing the hell out of Lebanon because two of its soldiers are being kept as prisoner of war, doesn’t Hezbollah have its “right to self defense” by causing the same amount of destruction in Israel because there are still hundreds of Lebanese being held by Israel?

  6. I am South African, married to a Lebanese gentleman, and this war is just breaking my heart,
    here we have all these people arriving back in South Africa crowing about their escape from
    “hell” and it makes me sick, what about the people in Lebanon that don’t have any means of
    escaping this “evil”. Looking at the picture above, I cannot see how anyone can justify the
    slaying of a child, no matter what colour creed or religion, or for any reason ay all. Lubnan, I was not born to you,but my heart breaks for your pain, and my prayers are with you and your children daily,God bless you, and may the tears He weeps for you, bring relief, and once
    more happines and prosperity.

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