UNIFIL to Lebanese civilians: You’re a headache, please leave

Fresh news you won’t hear on CNN or Fox News, Israeli air raids target gas stations throughout the South of the country. Israel also warned residents of a southern town, Marwahin, to evacuate the town or else it would be leveled (this was also the case with other towns). Civilians panicked, rushed to the French units of UNIFIL, which turned them away. They then rushed to the Fiji batt, which also turned them away after conducting SEARCHES for weapons, recommending that they take refuge in Mosques, assuring them that they won’t be targeted.

I expect to be unable to blog much in the coming hours since a power plant was struck again, and electricity has been cut off. Due to the worsening situation, our generators will be off throughout the morning and afternoon hours to save diesel and keep the lighs on at night. People are rushing to buy small power generators in preparation for the worst. Yeah, we had one of those. During the war. It’s going to be hell. Hell in Lebanon already, and hell in Israel soon. All this, because Israel refuses to sit as equals on the negotiations table, because it views this whole situation from a moral high ground, our soldiers more ethical than your terrorists, our soldiers level entire towns, yours have merely bashed one 4 year old’s head, and for that he deserves 30 years in prison, and for that, 4 million people hostages, with nowhere to go, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The “international community”? What’s that? What on earth is that?? They sit there folding their arms, they seem in no hurry to stop this, they issue statements as if statements will make the pain go away for families who have lost loved ones. Lebanese infrastructure has been reduced to rubble, but rest assured we shall not go down on our knees. As Nasrallah said, those times have passed. Those times have indeed passed. And the Israelis are afraid. Good. Let them be afraid. Let them be afraid. Let them see their cities destroyed, their children orphaned. I was accused of being a Jihadist. A Jihadist? Give me a fucking break. You reduced my country’s infrastructure to rubble and you claim it is for 2 soldiers, for deterrence, whatever crap excuses you come up with, and I am a Jihadist? Good! Then let me be called a Jihadist! If I am a Jihadist then I am a Jihadist! It is better to be so than to come down on our knees in front of those who claim the Lebanese people are not their enemies, but who bomb … the Lebanese people! No! No surrender!!! No surrender of HezbAllah’s weapons! Not so that you can use every little excuse, for every toy rocket hurled by Palestinians in Lebanon that lands in a field in Israel, to come in and go out of my country as you wish! A Jihadist you say? Fine, I am one! You may be able to force a label on me, but you will never force me, nor any single Lebanese, onto his knees. Never again!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simply fed up with your jokes, with your games, with your immorality. Simply FED UP! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!! STRIKE TEL AVIV. NOW!!!!!!!

One more thing, I do not wish to brag, but, apparently an Electronic Lebanon website has been launched. They might as well start preparing an Electronic Syria (they already have Electronic Iran).

Update: So much for UNIFIL’s reassurances. A Mosque and a graveyard have been targeted. “Nowhere in Lebanon is safe”. I don’t know, but UNIFIL seems to have missed the hint.

I can’t help but notice that Israeli news websites have stopped updating regularly. I wonder if that is because the Israeli government is imposing a censorship. Many strikes on Israeli cities have taken place, with many injuries, yet websites strangely have not been updating. The latest news they have is about the gunship.


11 responses to “UNIFIL to Lebanese civilians: You’re a headache, please leave

  1. I don’t really know what to say.

    Our government clearly could not give a flying fuck about you, and refuses to condemn Israel’s sheer disproportionate bastardism. We are watching, we are listening, we are powerless.

  2. I am still in shock at the behaviour of the UNIFIL.

    I feel very hopeless.

    Wake up people of the world! Go down to the streets and protest!!! Demand that your governments take action!!!

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  4. I am so deeply saddened not only by what your nation is suffering but also by the comments you’re facing in your blog. Know that the crazies also target progressive Jews as well like me. Pls. know that while you may feel terribly angry (& rightfully so), you do have allies outside of your own people. Even allies on the “other side” of the conflict.

    Do not call yourself a “jihadist” to spite them no matter how angry their comments make you feel. Do not conduct yourself as if your blog enemies exist at all. Act as if you exist & your opinion is the only one that matters.

    I’ve just written a post recommending that my readers visit here for an up to the moment, first-hand commentary. My offer to cross post at Tikun Olam still stands though I’ll understand if things there are too hectic to take advantage of my offer.

  5. Keep a clear mind friend. I know thats difficult, I know the international community doesnt seem to be doing anything (I wish they would!!), but you have all our support.

  6. Anarchistian, I found out about the threat to Marwahin on al-jazeera, checked the news service providers – none were carrying the story. I promptly called and emailed every provider & Aus broadcaster I thought would care about a pre-meditated war crime. Nothing, nothing, nothing, NOTHING. What I got was an Australian broadcaster’s idea of “balanced”. 50% air time to “each side”, with a special focus on Israel’s suffering. I feel ill. What the fuck were UNIFIL thinking??? What the hell is their brief? Why are they there???? I think I know their real reason for turning away these poor, doomed bastards: Qana. Isn’t everyone waiting for the great big death blow of Qana proportions? Morally bankrupt, racist fuckers. What do they care about burning 9 little brown kids alive? What does the world care?

  7. I told you more lebnese would die didnt i and at the end of the day leabnon would come off worse and as for updating the sites it shabbat did you not even know that.Dont be so fucking stupid to believe hizbullah people are still out enjoying life in haifa telaviv sorry to dissapoint hahahahahahahahah

  8. I will not even reply to that, Michael. I told you to grow up. So, grow up.

  9. The kings are bored and thus thousands shall die to placate and make jolly all the kings’ desires.

    Pawns should prepare to meet your makers, and the game is World War 3.

  10. Overlord,
    Which kings?

  11. I am shocked at the behaviour of the UNIFIL. I can’t help it.

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