Beirut Int’l Airport

Huge explosion at Beirut International Airport!!!!!!!

Walid Junblatt made a speech about an hour ago, basically rejecting the unconditional release of the 2 soldiers. He insisted on ceasefire first.

The Olmert-Peretz axis of evil seems intent on taking the war to Israel. Well, they had a number of opportunities to put an end to this. It seems Iran is getting ready to be involved.

Update @ 10:59 pm: A civilian-owned cement/building material factory in Chtoura was bombed. Strikes on Ta’anayel. Jiyye power plant struck again. Gas company in Choueifat bombed. 3 Lebanese Army soldiers killed in Tal Mar Elias in Sidon. Significantly, 500 people have been protesting in Tel Aviv for an end to the attacks against Lebanon. As always, their voices will go unheard.

Update @ 11:30 pm: Army sources say that 3 soldiers reported killed are lightly wounded.

Update @ 11:46 pm: Restaurant and stone factory on the Msaileh road bombed. Guess HezbAllah fighters had falafel there?

Update @ 12:28 am: Nazareth, Afula hit by barrage of HezbAllah Lebanese rockets.

And I am off for the night. Our power got cut off. I will be back in 4-5 hours.

Update @ 12:56 am: Eh, I am back, I’m on batteries and dial-up.. just one update… Ba’albek being bombed at the moment, as is the village of Ghreife in the Chouf. There is no way on earth that there are HezbAllah fighters, missiles, or infrastructure in the Chouf. But then again, there aren’t any in the north either. But the north has suffered from selective targeting of facilities, unlike this instance, in the Chouf.


5 responses to “Beirut Int’l Airport

  1. Huge explosion at Beirut International Airport?
    What happened this time? hopefully the airport will be operational for civilian flights after this conflict is over.

  2. They targeted the fuel tanks again. This is the 3rd-4th time they did it.

    They might be bombing the terminal building any time soon.

  3. Thanks for all the updates Anarch!

    Your blog is one of my best independent update sources

  4. You know, when I was a little kid I read that Lebanon was the Switzerland of the middle-east.
    I Found that fact fascinating, always wanted to be able to come and visit there.
    thought that by the time I’ll turn 20 I’ll get to see my dream come true, really.

    It’s just a crying shame, but let me tell you something – you blame my government and we blame HezbAllah and indirectly your government. there’s a thing called tit for tat (simple game theory stuff) this theory is an NP problem (no solution in sight), do you really think that Israel want to bomb Lebanon? we have little kids,friends, dreams and hopes just like you guys.

    btw: I’m not some kind of a tree-huger (hippie).

  5. just checked out your about section; You like great books, movies and music (Shirley Bassey) Ahalan! if you want an invitation to let me know, I’ll have a few available in the next couple of days.

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