Bombs and bullshit

Excuse the expression, but just heard 4 huge booms, the whole place shook!!!! It sounded damn close, getting stronger each time!!! But maybe it’s still the southern suburbs of Beirut. If that’s the case, that must’ve been a damn huge bomb. What the fuck are they hitting?????

Whatever it is, I have a feeling it is not HezbAllah under fire at the moment. On to merrier topics… some headlines from Ha’aretz ticker:

-IDF warns Lebanon army, says ‘won’t hesitate to strike’ those striking at it (oh, I thought the army was the legitimate one, that this was only a war against HezbAllah and terror. Which one is legitimate and which isn’t anyway??)

-Russian Pres. Putin says thinks Israel seeks ‘wider goals’ than release of soldiers (umm, no kidding)

Update @ 2:27 am: Harat Hreik going through heavy bombardment, apparently via battleships. Jets flying low over Mount Lebanon. Helicopters hovering around and can be heard in the distance.


4 responses to “Bombs and bullshit

  1. Hello.
    I run the better world news site and was hoping i could run excerpts and pictures from your blog in our special coverage of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon? Please get back to me, I would like to start as soon as possible. Thank you, and I hope we can work toggether to spread awareness.
    In the name of justice,

    Hezekiah Allen

  2. Allen – Israel is not invading Lebanon. Stop smoking crack and go to school. You are not welcome in America. Cheers and fuck you.

  3. troll alert!

    Terminator? Something to prove hotshot? Quite a name for a cowardly troll.

  4. verbal bombs are just as ineffectual.

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