Finally, some common sense from Israel

From Israeli blog “On the Face”:

Starting from yesterday, every Israeli official blamed the Lebanese government for the Hezbollah attack on Israel, which resulted in the kidnapping of two soldiers and the killing of three. In a particularly hypocritical fashion, spokesman after spokesman protested the violation of Israeli sovereignty – as if the Israeli Air Force had not violated Lebanese air space time after time with flyovers. And in order to make it clear that those were not just words, the IDF attacked Lebanon’s power stations, its airport and Lebanese Air Force bases.

Spokesman after spokesman blamed the Lebanese government for violating UN Security Council resolution 1559, which calls for the dismantling of Hezbollah. But they elegantly ignored the fact that Israel has failed to abide by a whole string of UN resolutions – primarily 242 and 338, which call for withdrawal from the territories that were conquered in 1967.

But this time we’re not talking merely of a victorious propaganda war. This time, the IDF is endangering not just the lives of its soldiers and the citizens of Israel with its operations. It is also significantly endangering peace in the entire Middle East.

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8 responses to “Finally, some common sense from Israel

  1. It just goes to show that “the rule of force” knows only one end, capitulation. As history has shown this will not happen via UN or US intervention. One side has to feel that it is not worth it anymore.

  2. And that side will be Israel.

    Why? Because we already have nothing to lose. Israel made sure of it by wiping out our entire infrastructure.

    And so it is war. And open war it is, as Nasrallah said.

    And Israelis will suffer.

    Good, let them suffer. We are used to suffering. Let them get used to suffering too. Let them know the definition of suffering, so they won’t throw it around as if it is a joke, every time they suffer “shock” from the sounds of Israeli artillery operating near their areas, shelling Lebanese civilians.

  3. You are thinking is very wrong this is not good for you or your country god help you because you will need it now

  4. Yes, God will help us. Because the entire “international community” didn’t, and won’t, from Israeli aggression, terrorism, war crimes, liquidation.

  5. I dont know i think saying god is on you side well its silly.What do you think will happen now i

  6. This is how God teaches wisdom to those that lack it. How long the lesson lasts is up to both sides. In the end both sides will have paid a heavy price for something they could have had very cheaply if it weren’t for hatred and greed.

  7. God? God takes sides? I thought God was an Internationalist…

  8. Well, I thought there wasn’t a God. 😛 Except when we’re hopeless and say “God help us all” 😀

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