Fresh massacre in South

A 12-story Civil Defense building in Tyre was bombed. Current death toll in that attack stands at 16, with high probability that the count will increase.

Seven people – five of them Canadian nationals – were also killed in a raid on Aitaroun.

Attack at site of TV broadcast radars for New TV, LBC, Future TV, and Tele Liban.

Urgent calls for blood donations in all areas of Lebanon. The Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement party (Tayyar) welcomes all kinds of donations to aid the refugees. Call 01-247 676 or 01-247 677 or 03-101 619 for more information.

Update @ 8:25 pm: 20 killed in the attack on Tyre building, all civilians. Many are foreign nationals. At least 50 injured.

Update @ 8:49 pm: People here are angry at HezbAllah – for not striking the petrochemical facilities in Haifa.

Update @ 9:24 pm: Ha’aretz ticker reports that Condie has changed her mind and “would come to Middle East to help reduce violence.” I see, Condie is afraid of the destruction that will befall Haifa. But Condie, did you forget? When Israel was reducing Lebanese infrastracture to a pile of rubble and massacring civilians in scores (not that it has stopped), you said that immediate ceasefire would not solve a thing. Oh, how the tables turn!

Update @ 9:28 pm: In an interview with Al-Hurra TV, Shimon Peres insisted that Israel was not attacking infrastructure, but HezbAllah centers and positions, and that until now there have been no civilian casualties and all victims are HezbAllah fighters. (Like this one). In the end he confirmed that Israel does not intend to invade Lebanon.

Update @ 9:39 pm: The number of casualties in the Aitaroun raid has increased to eight, all of them are Canadian nationals.

A must-read blog entry by a Lebanese here.


8 responses to “Fresh massacre in South

  1. ” People here are angry at HezbAllah – for not striking the petrochemical facilities in Haifa.” 😐

  2. Yeah, that’s what massacre after massacre does to public opinion.

  3. I do not understand how single minded most of your bloggers are. Hezballah is a terrosit organization not a religious one. They are using religion as an excuse for HATE! War is never the answer, but Iseral has the right to defend itself. Lebonnon should disband Hezballah and try to work a peace aggreement. Most democratic, that is FREE THINKING PEOPLE, PEOPLE WHO OTHERS DO NOT MANDATE THEIR OPINIONS, feel that the Lebonon people must take a stand on this. Help yourselfs; do you want to be told what to do and how to think by Terrorists: those who have no regard for innocent people. It is Hezballah and those like them who put innocent people in danger. How can you people be so blind!

  4. Isrealis and Lebanese alike are being manipulated into aggressive postures by Iran and Syria. They look at you and laugh. If you have to hate someone, look to the President of Iran who despises democracy, cares nothing for human life. If it will provide him a little more time to create nuclear warheads and kill everyone, everywhere until there is only Iran left, then anyone on all sides of this mess are doing exactly what he wants you to do. WORK FOR HIM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  5. i hope iseral nukes the whole middle east, thats the onley way to stop this middle east war ,if they dont the fighteing will go on forever.thats all those crazy people understand is war and death so nuke the basterds till they glow in the dark.

  6. oh ya iseral has nukes they have had them for years, wake up people,now where do you think they got them? santaclause ya,well they need to use them and settle down those arabs,because if they dont do it now then when the arabs get them they will use them against iseral, lets get this over and let them blow the arabs back to alia,they been fighting since 1948 they cannot have peace because the muzzlems want to destroy iseral,so no problem NUKE EM.

  7. The state of Israel was born of terrorism. Not the Arab’s. The Jew’s. The middle-east’s very first terrorist organizations were…Israeli: the Irgun and the Stern Gang. These barbarians broke down doors and machine-gunned entire Palestinian families to death! Some of the illustrious foot-soldiers of these terror cells are well known to you – Menachim Begin, Ariel Sharon, Shimon Peres. Ring a bell?

    It’s funny reading Jane’s comments. I thought you were talking about the Israelis! No regard for innocent life? Where was the regard for innocent life when the IDF opened the gates of the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps to aid the barbarian Christian terrorists in killing as many of the Palestinians as they could find? Where was the regard for life when the IDF lit the night sky with phosphorus flares so the Christians could track down their prey more efficiently? Where was the regard for life when the IDF invaded Lebanon in the 70s, killing upwards of 10,000 people (Red Crescent figures) – the vast majority of them women and children? Where was the regard for life when the IDF bulldozed Jenin to ashes? Where IS the regard for life as Israel builds is security wall – lopping off orchards from their Palestinian owners, stealing even more land, depriving Palestinian citizens of their livlihood?

    It might be interesting for you to also note that the very first people on the planet to hijack an airliner were… Israelis.

    It is just beyond belief to me how the apologists for Israel always bore us with how the Palestinians have to do this, HezbAllah has to do that, Hamas has to do something else. And just what in hell do the Israelis have to do?

    Maybe they could start with releasing some of the over 10,000 prisoners they hold; most of whom have never actually been charged with anything! Maybe they could stop stealing Palestinian land. Maybe they could remove from their law books the right to torture prisoners. Maybe they could actually allow Palestinians from the occupied territories to marry Palestinians living in Israel (which is now forbidden).

    Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech in New York City some years ago. In that speech, he referred to Palestinians as “cockroaches”. I was there. Maybe the Jews of Israel could somehow begin to view their neighbors as actual human beings with a need of peace and security of their own, and not as cockroaches who are inconveniently occupying the god-given land of Eretz Yisrael – greater Israel (which stretches from southern Lebanon, to Sinai, to the Jordan Valley, to the Golan Heights).

    Take a look at the body count numbers over the years. Inspect a map of the region and tell me how the borders have changed over the decades. Now you tell me who the hostile neighbor is.

    Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. Come to your senses, man. You sound like a Detroit factory worker with too many beers in him. Killing everyone doesn’t work, Jerry. The situation we have on our hands here in the middle east is very complicated, many factions, deep history. Casting the situation in hues of black and white just don’t cut it. It is a multidimensional conflict that can only be solved with an appreciation of history, a subtlety of thought, an appreciation of fairness. Killing everyone has been tried. Adolph tried it more than 60 years ago now. It didn’t solve any problems, and it couldn’t be done anyway. Remember??

  8. well chris yes it does seame complated, i did over state my comments, but, war only hurts the children i have been in war , i was in vietnam and war never settled anything,i was in the service 21 years and war is the stupidest thing man has ever created,if all the people in the world could only remember one thing, i wish they could remember, that YESTERDAY IS GONE, TOMORROW MAY NOT GET HEAR, TODAY IS ALL YOU GOT.then maybe all man kind could live in peace as brothers and sisters. jerry p

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