Haifa – we told you so

Central Haifa hit!!!!! 9 killed! HezbAllah also reports that industrial areas have been targeted!!!!!!!!! Jets buzzing above us!!!!

Israeli people – listen to us! Stop your government before it’s too late!!! Go out and protest in Tel Aviv, before Tel Aviv is hit too! Your government has been playing with fire! And fire you got – in Haifa!!! Stop your government from killing my people!

Update @ 10:15 am: Haifa industrial center, railway station reportedly hit! Reports of heavy movement of people south from Haifa.

Update @ 10:20 am: Al-Manar TV just publicized a statement warning the Israeli enemy against any further foolish actions, because from now on nothing in Haifa will be safe. Threats of striking petrochemical facilities.

Update @ 11:13 am: Al-Manar TV station hit. Local and international broadcast has been cut off.

Update @ 11:24 am: It seems the Israelis are not even listening to HezbAllah’s warnings! Haifa port receives direct hit!

Update @ 12:35 pm: Israel using illegal weapons to target civilians. Phosphorous and gas-emitting shells reportedly used in Kfarshouba. Al-Manar TV was back on air minutes after the strike. New TV reporters attacked by Israeli air raids in south, 3 moderately injured.

Update @ 1:14 pm: Chemical weapons being used in the South.

Nasrallah said in his speech just before the Israeli gunship was hit: “Ila Haifa, wa ila ma ba’da Haifa, wa ila ma ba’da ba’da Haifa”. It translates to: “To Haifa, to beyond Haifa, to beyond beyond Haifa.” It seems HezbAllah will come out of this victorious. It has already won the psychological war.


16 responses to “Haifa – we told you so

  1. This is heading nowhere

  2. Well, it is. To regional war.

  3. So are you happy that haifa was hit they were 9 civillians on a train

  4. By the way how can you say hizbullah will be victorious not matter how many people will die in israel the israelis could even nuke you.And i doubt very much they will be able to reach telaviv

  5. No, not happy, but war is like that. They hit us, we won’t sit there and wait to have them throw bombs on our heads.

    Israelis deserve it. We offered unconditional ceasefire. They refused it.

  6. But saying hizbullah will win come on the israelis are out for blood i was watching the bbc news this morning and the reporter said the deaths in haifa are very bad news for lebannon.You know what might happen you both might end up destroying each other why not give the fucking soldiers back.And by the way i doubt the people at the train station could help what the goverment do

  7. How do you offer unconditional cease fire if you don’t give what you offer. If you offer a man tea then give him tea. Wow, the people in the Middle East are behind a vail.

  8. That is the point, the Lebanese government (which also has HezbAllah ministers – that means it was done with the participation and approval of HezbAllah) offered to spread the army all the way to the border.

  9. are people more scared now of what they might do after haifa

  10. Not really. People here do not care anymore. The country is in ruins. The civilians have already been targeted. The only thing that can happen which is worse, is ethnic cleansing. Nothing we haven’t seen before from successive barbarian Israeli governments.

  11. Anarchistian,
    What is the point? I the Lebonese army was supposed to secure the border postion years ago. Instead we have the crisis we have today. War is terror. and the sponsors of terror must be held accountable this goes for both sides. May the war continue until mens hearts are too tired to hate.

  12. And the Israeli army was supposed to withdraw to pre-1967 borders years ago.

  13. You don’t really think Nasrallah or the Israeli army give a damn about you, do you? You are just a pawn on their chess board and both are using your potentially dead body to place preasures on top of each other.

    Dear young man, please look inside and you will find the connection between you and both these, so called, sides – Hizballah vs. Israel, are simply placed into your brain through TV, your worst enemy. Don’t let your fear paralyze free thought – the people of Haifa aren’t your enemy, just as you are not theirs, although such harsh words as you use could easily turn you into enemies, simply because you are happy for the death of innocent people.

  14. today I heard Tony Blire (British PM) saying this conflict will end when we solve the prolem from its roots, so Hizbulla should free the 2 poor israele soldiers!!!

    Well, the logic says that the roots of the problem is not the 2 Israelis sodiers, it is the thousends of lebanese presoners who were jailled and humilated years ago!

  15. I mean for years

  16. Ila Haifa, wa ila ma ba’da Haifa, wa ila ma ba’da ba’da Haifa


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