Southern Beirut

Bashir over at Ur Shalim has photos (a few are not for the faint hearted) of the southern suburbs of Beirut (“dahiye jnubiyye”) after last night’s intensive bombings. The bombings continued until at least 3 am, which is when I went to bed last night.

The attacks on these areas have been renewed. I can hear loud booms right now and a huge cloud of smoke is rising from there.

Many, many eyewitnesses have said that chemical weapons are being used. Also used are shells that maximize number of killed and maimed.

This just in, Haifa has been hit again. Israel is now arguing that rockets that fell on Haifa have been made in Syria. So we have two main players being hinted at, Iran for the strike on the ship and Syria for the strike on Haifa. Is this, I wonder, setting the stage for a wider offensive by Israel?


4 responses to “Southern Beirut

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  2. “….chemical weapons are being used…” – Israel will never use chemical weapons.
    I wish there was a way of passing the message through – We want peace brother.
    I wish I could take my car and drive all the way from Tel-Aviv to Beirut on a clear July day like today.
    I Wish you’d understand that we’re taking sides by default.
    there’s is right and wrong and we’re on the same side unfortunately.

    Shalom & Salam Insha’alla

  3. I am sorry to disappoint you Enrico but various media in Lebanon – which are not pro-HezbAllah (on the contrary) have confirmed the use of chemical weapons.

    If you want peace tell your government to stop bombing my people.

  4. “I am sorry to disappoint…” – At the end of the day, you’ll realize that Israel didn’t and will never use chemical weapons.

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