Check your pets’ stress level

Well the power is back on and I cannot sleep. The jets are breaking the sound barrier just above us here. Looks like we’re going to get it any time now. The Army is being pounded in Trablous (Tripoli) just as I write this. There have already been 8 civilian and 7 army casualties and at least 40 injured. In Tyre the massacres continue. A 5-story building was targeted, and 10 civilians killed, 4 of them children. Future Hizbullahists I suppose. And so it is Just Reward. Eh, forget it, I was trying to find the TRADEMARK symbol, but I can’t be bothered with it, the jets are going to strike any time now. They’re going back and forth, they are just above this area. What’s in this area??? Nothing. Not even a hunting rifle. Now I am getting really pissed off. Really pissed off. Especially after that Nasrallah speech, he was right, let them come to our land and fight like men (or women – it was sexist of him, really.. though I am not sure if that’s the phrase he used). Stop hiding behind F-16s you baby murderers!!!! And what is worse, just as babies are being killed all over the place, I get this on the Ha’aretz news ticker: Veterinary Service: Owners should watch pets for stress after rocket attacks (Haaretz)

Man, this is really fucked up. Really fucked up. The Israelis have really gone way overboard this time. And they will pay dearly.


4 responses to “Check your pets’ stress level

  1. Just a thank you note for your blogging.You have been keeping me up to date.

    Power (mental and electrical) to you and all of Lebanon. Be safe!


  2. Be strong, keep going with your blog & your fighting spirit.

    I have family under siege in aytaroun and tyre, with no shelter and no way out. Most of them are under 16 years old. We’re sleepless, paralysed but trying to do something. Sadly, our government is an ally of the rogue state but can’t seem to even negotiate getting its nationals out. I don’t know if it has the will. I think bush’s little antipodean lackey is probably jerking off at the prospect of 25,000 lebanese-australians being liquidated. But getting lebanese hyphens out is not enough. Not nearly enough. Israel, hands off lebanon! We want our people to be safe, have a future not determined by the whims of its murderous neighbour.

    Anarchistian, believe me our thoughts are with you 24/7, the paralysis is fading and we’re galvanising into action.

  3. Sorry for the situation, truly I am, but Israel has went out from Lebanon 6 years ago, why is hizballa still harm the people of Israel and take soldiers from Israeli land!
    Where is the army of Lebanon? why is Lebanon so weak – not doing anything against terror that is using the Lebanon as base?
    We just want a peaceful life just like almost everyone

  4. Memo – did you get any word from your relatives in Aytaroun and Tyre?????????? Please do let us know!!!

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