Haifa – we told you so II

Olmert-Peretz axis came up with this ingenious plan to copy Nasrallah’s tactics. Immediately after the Knesset speech, a huge bomb was thrown on south Beirut as mentioned before (in the same fashion as the bombing of the Israeli gunship following Nasrallah’s speech). The Israeli government is desperate – desperate to justify, desperate to convince, desperate to deceive. The speech was merely a propaganda campaign, and it came at a time when Israel seems to be on the verge of collapse in its campaign of aggression against the Lebanese people. What is Israel bombing in south Beirut? There is nothing left there. Not even HezbAllah is operating from there.

And so Haifa has been hit again. And it will be hit again and again and again, and not just Haifa. If Israel thinks it will break HezbAllah, it should think twice (it might not have a third opportunity to do so). It is making tragic misreadings and miscalculations of the regional scene. Today Syria might be out of Lebanon, and Iran might not have a border with HezbAllah, but it goes beyond physical touch. It goes way beyond that. It seems Olmert’s government has a lot to learn. That is, if it survives this whole “crisis” as some people mildly put it.

Ground battles are being fought in the South right as we speak. Israeli forces have attempted to invade Lebanese territory in many areas but have been pushed back by HezbAllah fighters.

Many Israelis were boasting that HezbAllah cannot hit them at night, as that would give away their position. How many times do we have to prove you wrong? Never underestimate your enemy. Never.

Early night for me. I need to catch some sleep.


21 responses to “Haifa – we told you so II

  1. On the verge of collapse?
    If Nasralla succeeded in anything during this conflict was to take a country torn apart by inner conflict (religious vs. secular, left wing vs. right wing) and unite it
    all. I don’t think Olmert could have hoped, in his wildest dreams, for such a huge consensus inside Israel.

    So, you could either believe the ridiculous HA propaganda (there isn’t any ground invasion, and if there was you’d have to be a moron to actually believe it got “pushed back”) and face the bitter face that things are not going as HA planned.

    If you took Israel’s policy not to response as a sign of weakness you’re now hearing the entire Israeli people saying “No more!”

  2. Actually, there WAS a ground invasion as Israel indeed confirmed it. Israel also confirmed that 5 squadrons of ground forces were being prepared, before these clashes were reported.

  3. On the verge of collapse?????

    Are you sure that you’re OK? Sounds like you’ve been cut off from reality.

  4. If there was any ground invasion you’d be hearing about tanks, armed mobiles and artillery backed by air force support, not about 5 troops…

  5. Your Hezballah propaganda sounds like you’re being paid to do it. Are you an active member of Hezballah?

  6. Omer [Tel Aviv]

    I’m tired of hearing what the Lebanese people should do or should have done in the past – “Ish” it’s time for you to pay the price for your ignorance, indifference, narrow minded ideals,blind beliefs , false leaders, false salvation and for many many things.

  7. Hi,

    I just want to say that I’m really in care for you. I hope you are good and stay good.
    Here in Holland it’s like our information channels are taken over by Israely propaganda systems. So, please keep on doing your reporting in full health, it really gives a lot of more information which is desperatly needed.

    For the people (like ‘a guy from Haifa’), please read this: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article14026.htm
    and help your own nation alive and those surrounding you.


  8. I’m deeply proud that my Blessed Leader, George Bush, has announced his new Lebanon policy (as overheard speaking with Tony Blair at the G8):

    “What they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it’s over.”

    The man has a steel-trap mind, I tell you. Now if he could only get Bashir Assad to answer a telephone call. Hard to get the man on the phone after you’ve practically called him an Al Qaeda stooge & threatened his country with invasion (that was John Bolton a few yrs ago).

  9. Your comparison between the Israeli bommings and the Hizballa boming is misleading.
    Israel is not targetting your appartement where you live. Hizballa, not only is targeting my house, but also adds small bullets inside the bombs. These small bullets is ment to increase the probability that people will get injured.

    It is unfortunate that inside the shite majority there is no opposition to the Nasralla tactics.
    And I’m not talking about the last week, I mean the past 6 years, where it constantly probed Israel’s patience (like the kidnapping of three soldiers a few years ago).

    Israel would like to see a prosperous lebanon, but it will not let Iran to set up a millitary base beyond its northern border.

    I am sorry about the damage to your electricity and communication infrastructure, and the blockade on your airports and seaports. This is necessary to weaken Hizballa’s reinforcement capabilities. It puts lebanon in a volunrable position, which means they are motivated to stop the war as soon as possible.

    It is true that if the lebanon army will try to force Hizbolla army out of southern lebanon, a new civil war may errupt. A war between the labanonees that want freedom and the lebanonees that want Iran. This is why the Europeans are offering their armed forces to reinforce your southern border, and do the dirty work for you.


  10. “Ground battles are being fought in the South right as we speak. Israeli forces have attempted to invade Lebanese territory in many areas but have been pushed back by HezbAllah fighters.”

    Oh, you ain’t seen ground battle yet, but it’s coming.

  11. If it’s coming, then I say, bring it on.

    The Israelis better start praying that “their” land not be occupied.

  12. I just read on the news that Iranian foreign minister asked HA to limit their attacks after warned by an “anonymouse european country” that Israel is ready for a conflict with Syria if necessary…

    Before writing such threats let me take you back to June 5th, 1967. How long did that war take?

  13. This war lasted more than that one. In case you failed to notice.

  14. This isn’t really a war…

  15. This isn’t really a war…
    I thought Olmert said so. 🙂 Or did you change your mind on that one too, just like the F-16? 🙂

    And to respond to the following:
    If there was any ground invasion you’d be hearing about tanks, armed mobiles and artillery backed by air force support, not about 5 troops…
    JERUSALEM (AP) – Israeli ground troops have entered southern Lebanon to attack Hezbollah bases on the border, a government spokesman said Monday.


  16. Come on dude if the lebanese are more united than ever its the same with the israelis coutries unite in times of crisis its just the way things are read some israelis blogs and see it

  17. This fucked situation was brought on by Hezbollah.
    You may hate us for as long as you wish, but we were pushed to it.

    The sad part is that we are trying to avoid harming defenseless Lebanese while Hezbollah is trying to kill as many Israeli’s as possible .
    I don’t keep track of the numbers – but how many are dead in Lebanon Vs Israel?
    Was it worth it?

  18. Was it worth it?
    Only time will tell. Or when rockets hit Tel Aviv.

  19. “Not even HezbAllah is operating from there”

    “Israeli forces have attempted to invade Lebanese territory in many areas but have been pushed back by HezbAllah fighters.”


  20. Wadi Shahrour is not in the South ……….

  21. LW, South Africa

    So once again inncoent people, women and children are being killed infrastructure is being destroyed in the name of the war on terrorism. Does Israel really think that these actions are going to wekaen HezbAllah. If anything all it does is unify these groups and make their cause (whatever that may be) stronger. I am a firm believer that this is not the appropiate method of curtailing terrorists. Instead, people of countries with such groups should work in influencing their governments to irradicate such groups. At the end of the day it is their responsibility. There should be large action taken within Lebanon – not just by the government but by the government with the backing of the vast majority of the population. These efforts should include bringing in external help and making sure that these terrorist groups feel completely unwelcome. I cannot see any reason for terrorism, as it does not work. What has it acheived over the last decade. Nothing, just a widening of the divide with very few people understanding what any of these groups stand for. Bring the issues out into the open and lets start trying to return to the negotiation tables. Terrorism is not going to win any battles, nor will the retaliation to terrorism. See Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Israel vs. Lebanon. It can be sorted, not perfectly, but in a form where both parties lose something but gain ultimately in the end – the pure art of negotiation.

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