Olmert On the Loose

Minutes after Olmert speech in the Knesset, a huge (biggest yet) boom was heard all over Beirut and Mount Lebanon. We think it might be the Bsaleem power station. No confirmation by media yet. As our situation gets worse, I might be cut off the internet, and given the shortages in diesel, electricity too. My friend told me today that he was cut off the internet because his ISP (Internet Service Provider) was bombed. I am not sure what other alternative means I can use to get connected and update this blog should that happen. We shall see what will happen next.

Update @ 8:36 pm: As I was watching footage from the “strange object” (F-16 or something else – the Army refuses to say what it was) episode today, the cameraman took live shots of a car, the passenger door of which was open, and in it a man, he seemed dead, he was sitting straight but his head was down, and he had blood all over his face. At that moment I noticed an orange “scarf” hanging from the rear-view mirror. Member of General Aoun’s Free Patriotic Movement party. According to LFPM, Khalil Faris Younes was killed and another LFPM activist was seriously wounded when this “strange object” slammed into the ground at Wadi Shahrur. This just in, IDF first claimed that the “strange object” was fuel tank, then it claimed that it was “leaflet box”, now it is claiming it was a HezbAllah missile fired mistakenly… Wadi Shahrur is not a HezbAllah area…. HezbAllah has no presence there.


8 responses to “Olmert On the Loose

  1. Well sorry to hear this but of course, what would you expect. Hezbolla has unfortunately, dragged
    the Lebanese people down with itself into self-destruct mode. Hezbolla really, at the minimum,
    needs a leader that is not quite so stupid as it presently has.

  2. It was a zilzal

  3. Idont want to upset you but i’m afraid the bbc & world service are’nt doing you the just service you deserve.The magnitude of the situation seems to have got a bit lost, and surely they were supposed to re-adress the pro israeli bias. I wonder if it’s something to with G8 or fighting a(Hearts & Minds) lost war in Helmand province in Afghanistan p.s there was a nice interview wi th Walid Jumblatt though .Stay safe ‘BE LUCKY’

  4. Omer [Tel Aviv]

    The Olmert-Peretz axis as you call it will hopefully do you all a big favor, Lebanon is a middle-age country.
    You are the reflection of your country.
    Progression and Knowledge and not holy wars should guide you better way of living. we are on the verge of an area where borders will mean nothing. yet your people insist on cooperating with an uneducated organization which carries a out of this world agenda. it will take you even further down the time-line.

    Nasrallah’s tactics, does not compute.

    The Israeli government is desperate – desperate to justify, desperate to convince desperate to show your blind people what your world should look like, you’re right on this one.
    Sorry to disappoint you but no collapse is in sight.

    I’m sick of hearing what the Lebanese people should do or should have done in the past – “Ish” it’s time for you to pay the price for your ignorance, indifference, narrow minded ideals,blind beliefs , false leaders, false salvation and for many things.

    How do you know what’s in south Beirut?

    Wake up and Stop crying about your so called pathetic life!

    And so Haifa has been hit again. And it will be hit again and again and again, and not just Haifa. If Israel thinks it will break HezbAllah, it should think twice (it might not have a third opportunity to do so). It is making tragic misreadings and miscalculations of the regional scene. Today Syria might be out of Lebanon, and Iran might not have a border with HezbAllah, but it goes beyond physical touch. It goes way beyond that. It seems Olmert’s government has a lot to learn. That is, if it survives this whole “crisis” as some people mildly put it.

    Ground battles are being fought in the South right as we speak. Israeli forces have attempted to invade Lebanese territory in many areas but have been pushed back by HezbAllah fighters.

    Many Israelis were boasting that HezbAllah cannot hit them at night, as that would give away their position. How many times do we have to prove you wrong? Never underestimate your enemy. Never.

  5. How do I know what’s in South Beirut???? What on earth do you mean by that? I have many friends who used to live there or still live around that area, also Lebanese stations have cameras everywhere, and reporters are all over the place. It’s not exactly a freaking light year away.

    For the record I am not into holy wars. All war is unholy. Not that I am a big fan of defining what is holy and what isn’t. But you get the drift. Israel is the one who went on a “holy war” against the Lebanese people, collectively punishing them for something they had no power to do – and nor does Israel for that matter. If one of the most powerful armies in the world cannot do anything against HezbAllah, what were you expecting of the Lebanese people, the Lebanese government, or the Lebanese Army?

    Realize this: your country has just turned the fiercest opponent of HezbAllah into its fiercest supporter. You might wallow in denial, bring me this Lebanese blogger or that as an example of “dissent” but facts remain facts, and facts are, the Lebanese street is in complete support of HezbAllah, and even more impatient than HezbAllah itself to see Israel hit and hurt.

  6. Wow….Israel has now brought psychological warfare to blogger comment sections. Don’t let them discourage you, Anarchistan. Lebanon will prevail.

  7. Here’s a Haaretz article on the incident. It was apparently a long range Iranian missile that was destroyed on the ground by the IAF:

  8. Richard,

    It was a closed Lebanese Army area, and there are no HezbAllah fighters there. It is a “Christian area”.

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