Enemy of my Enemy: My Friend?

Well I woke up a while ago – it was a quiet night mostly save for 3 successive explosions that were heard probably around 3-4 am. I did wake up from the sound but went back to sleep without checking the time. A few minutes ago someone posed the following question to me: Is the enemy (HezbAllah) of your enemy (Israel) your friend? I replied as follows: “Yes when the enemy is bombing PEOPLE and civilian houses and claiming it hit HezbAllah fighters and weapons stockpiles. Yes, the enemy of my enemy is my BEST friend in such a case.”

It seems people are attempting to minimize the credibility of my reports from Lebanon by arguing that I am part of HezbAllah. I am not, never will be, and probably cannot be even if I wanted to. HezbAllah’s rhetoric and agenda do not speak to me – as an atheist as well as an ultra-leftist anarchist. But it seems some – mostly Israelis – do not understand that in these tense times the people will naturally side with HezbAllah. The Army, which would naturally gain the sympathy of most Lebanese, is being bombed by Israel even though it did not attack it. The Army as the official military arm of the government is being attacked. That means only one thing – war on Lebanon, not just “hitting targets in Lebanon” as the Israelis assured (not that we needed the attack on the army to realize that Israel was only hitting “targets” in Lebanon – but of course one can battle semantics here and argue that Israel is indeed hitting targets in Lebanon – and civilian ones at that). I can think of one real reason for the attacks on the Army: about a month ago Israeli agents were arrested by the Army for a string of bombings in Sidon. This can be Israel’s way of getting back at the Army. At any rate, with Lebanon an open landing field for Israeli helicopters, it is very much possible that Israel has landed many of its agents all over the country “for future missions”. This means only one thing: we can expect to see more assassinations in the coming months when this whole “crisis” is over. Not that Israel did not have agents here before all this started, but the more the merrier.

The Israeli government is afraid of its own shadow now. It has been bombing left and right. It has been bombing civilian-owned factories – sponge factories, furniture factories; restaurants (I noticed Israelis and their supporters conveniently ignore this); trucks, as if HezbAllah is stupid enough to place its weapons stockpiles in such “obvious” (for Israelis anyway) locations. Overnight the Israelis bombed two trucks in Jbeil/Byblos. One was carrying cement, the other was empty. What is next? The Israelis will claim HezbAllah is bombing Haifa from Tripoli. Yesterday following the bombing of Jamhour electricity station, rescue workers rushed to the scene to treat the injured, but they, too, were bombed. So, if there are no rules to this game, the Israelis better stop complaining when their hospitals are hit. Their country has spared neither hospitals nor schools nor Mosques. And not only do they not let the living live, they also bomb the dead (graveyards). What is next? Peretz will announce that HezbAllah has hid its missiles in graveyards… “We are sorry, but not only do we need to bomb you, but also your dead. Did we not say? Nothing is safe in Lebanon.” They mean, no one.

In other news, Sa’ad Hariri announced today that the Qoreitem opens its doors for … Saudi Arabian nationals (but not Lebanese).

Update @ 10:16 am: The IDF has changed the story about the “strange object” that fell from the sky for how many times now? I lost count. Now they say it was a “failed launching attempt of a Katyusha rocket”. Katyusha rockets do not have more than a 30 km range (and that’s for upgraded ones of the Grad type)… Is it possible that IDF does not know the difference between Katyusha and Zilzal, that it has put Katyusha on its website? I don’t think so. So if it was indeed a Katyusha rocket being fired by HezbAllah from Wadi Shahrur as official Israeli sources claim it was, then we can only conclude that HezbAllah was aiming at bombing Sidon… I will not be surprised if my readers now comment by saying, “yes, HezbAllah is bombing the Lebanese civilians and putting the blame on Israel, to delegitimize its actions in Lebanon.”

Update @ 12:57 pm: Convoy of ambulances donated to the Red Cross by the UAE targeted on the Dahr el-Baidar road. Dhour Chweir-Zahle road being bombed, a number of trucks carrying flour targeted (footage shown on Lebanese TV stations). IAF claims it targeted trucks loaded with arms and explosives. 3 Jordanians killed when missile targets their car on Bekaa road. Truck carrying medicines burning on the Zahle-Tarshish road. Israeli authorities practice media censorship.

Update @ 2:14 pm: Explosion in IDF rocket storage facility in Upper Galilee; attributed to “technical malfunction”.

Update @ 5:33 pm: I am back after a 3-hour absence, due to power cut. Lebanon is still under attack. There are huge fires in the town of Deir Mimas due to (illegal) phosphorous shelling.

Update @ 8:06 pm: An empty truck bombed, Israel claims it hit truck transporting rockets.


13 responses to “Enemy of my Enemy: My Friend?

  1. can’t see how anyone could complain that IDF is killing civilians, when killing civilians is the business of jihadists all over the world. islamic militants make no distinction between army and civilians, and often prefer the latter. muslims have a PR problem. the best thing Hamas ever did was put on a suit and tie, but then they don’t have the wisdom to act like they aren’t wearing the facemask anymore. most in the west equate facemask = thug. as I said, PR problem. also, thugs in facemasks cause stereotype of all arabs in west. suppose there are 1 million good arabs to every thug in a facemask. the thug in the facemask embarrasses the 1 million. they are embarrasments to all arabs and muslims worldwide. that’s why the west sits by when this stuff happens, since they picture thugs in facemasks hijacking planes, killing buildings full of civilions, etc., etc. Big PR problem. I realize that the governments of the west do their share of killing civilians, horrors, etc., and this shouldn’t be excused. what I am addressing is what many in the west are thinking when they hear that israel or us is bombing hezbollah, even if some civilians are killed. they think, I remember when other civilians were killed by thugs in facemasks. just my 2 cents.

  2. You know why Lebanese army is being targeted by the IDF?
    Because HA used information from army radar’s to target the Israeli ship. This is why IDF had to destroy all the radars in the area…

  3. The attacks that targeted the Army were not on radars. Indeed, only 2 were killed in such attacks on radars. Yesterday’s bombing was of Army barracks – ground forces not intelligence units. Also, way before the ship was hit the Army was under fire.

  4. “The Army as the official military arm of the government is being attacked”
    the army, as the official military arm of lebanon, should have been the ONLY military arm in lebanon. had the army acted, it wouldn’t have been bombed.

  5. Oh! So the most powerful army in the region, the 4th or 5th most powerful army in the world, cannot eliminate or disarm HezbAllah but expects the powerless Lebanese Army (the barracks of which are being bombed by Israel day-in day-out) to disarm it… Interesting…

  6. Anarchistan,

    This is an e-mail I sent to Chibli Mallat, the SJU Law Professor and candidate for President,
    in response to a recent op-ed he wrote criticizing Hizbollah. I think it fits in with what you’re saying:

    Dear Mr. Mallat,

    With all due respect, I believe your recent op-ed in the Daily Star of Beirut shows a misplaced sense of priorities.

    I do not condone Hizbollah’s disregard for Lebanon’s sovereignity or Security Council resolutions. That being said, in no way does Hizbollah’s irresponsiblity give license to Israel, for the ostensible sake of 2 kidnapp soldiers, to wage a war against Lebanon’s economy, its infrastructure and its people. In no way does Hizbollah’s irresponsibilty give Israel the right to blatantly disregard the most basic provisions of the Geneva Convention.

    At this point, the Lebanese people must put aside their differences for now and unite in calling for the world to put an end to Israel’s aggression. No matter how justified the Lebanese people may be in their anger at Hizbollah (and Syria, for that matter), they must recognize that Israel will exploit Lebanon’s internal divisions to justify its savage collective punishment of Lebanon. It is no acccident that Israel’s UN Ambassador Dan Gillerman keeps quoting Lebanese critics of Hizbollah. The more the Lebanese vent their anger at Hizbollah, the more they allow Israel to define the conflict as one of righteous democracy vs. radical Islam, rather than what the conflict is really about: a ruthless assault on Lebanon’s existence.

    And, as a practical matter, you must recognize that the ability of the international community to influence issues like Hizbollah’s disarmament depends on how it handles Israel’s aggression. Certainly, the Lebanese Shiites will not listen to the demands of any internatiional body that continues to give a green light to Israel to destroy their community.

    The Lebanese people must remain united, or else they may not survive at all.

  7. We are trying to collect voices from Lebanon for our blog. Could you contact me by email if interested. Here is the site: blog.washingtonpost.com/postglobal.

    Thank you and best regards, postglobal

  8. Omer, I am sorry but you may only comment in English or Arabic on this blog. I have deleted your comment in Hebrew.

  9. Can any one tell me what’s going on my family is from deir mimas and i want to know what’s happeninh there is everyone ok or they had to be evacuated. Can someone please let me know

  10. No, not everyone is OK. There have been many civilian casualties in those areas. Civilians who could not leave their villages in the South for one reason or another are under siege and running low on food, medicine, etc. And on top of that they are being shelled… I am not sure what developments have been registered in Deir Mimas, I will let you know as soon as I can gather information.

  11. thank you, i look forward to your response any information is deeply apreciated. It is a terrible situation.

  12. USA give to israel each year 4 billions dollard and equipe them with sophisticated weapon and push israel to fight those are jews amount the bush gov. who is bush, bush he is not chrestian but hebrew from the mother who is a jew. jews are like cameleon the change color to adapte themselfs to their environement.

    who are the real terroriste are germany, israel the only one in my knowledge who was terrorising you is germany then why not fighting them or are you afraid to be kicked and BBQ again then you fight the weak to show us your strenght.

    israel the jews, jesus christ killer, even god who created you, he hate you, for what you did and doing. killer of chrestian and musulman. you hate everyone you love only yourself.

    the jews are innocent it is always the others who hate you , who send you the big bombs poor jifa, you make me cry. stop lying stop taking us for a doll. if you like no one shoot yourself.

    chrestian have changed their mind on the jews because of this war thanks to the jews you show us that you are the one who hate arabs not arabs who hates you. its to late live with it.

    do u remember where you come from and how this word begon to be said on you. jews jifa juife… we know that you know it well.

    God hate you, you are not the people of god you are its ennemy

  13. “Terrorist” is the word used by UN-backed governments to call on popular organizations they dislike. Terrorist, nonetheless, not being a copyrighted term, is to be used also with UN nations that wield brutal force against those who dare oppose them, either internally or externally. As long as they bring fear on civilian population, they are as terrorist as those who plant bombs at open street markets.

    When looking back in history, one reads about the German attack on the Warsaw ghettoes and cannot but understand such as the ant defending from the attack by the elephant. Those acts were once considered unjustifiable, coward, crimininal, etc., but the thence “victims” are now victimizing the Lebanese population in exactly the same way Germans did with jewish population so many years ago.

    Israel is in fact repeating history, but with an advantageous difference: successful propaganda in the Western World to convince it that a “massacre” is a legitimate “act of self-defense”. No, Joseph Goebbels has not been the best PR specialist; jewish media has by far overcome any merit the German Minister of Propaganda would have ever had. Jewish media has been able to convince the world upon a 6-million “Holocaust” the International Red Cross official reports cite as only 395.000 and now are seeking to convince us that the innocent Lebanese population are “assassins”.

    The more comments I read written by pro-jewish people the more I get convinced of the shameless they are. While standing on a pool of blood and the corpses of the innocent they have just killed, they still claim to be the “actual victim” of those whose hands and legs were tied before getting killed.

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