To Israelis: Your government is lying


Truck on Zahle road that was allegedly carrying rockets.

Stop the lies!


8 responses to “To Israelis: Your government is lying

  1. stop lying and makin gup excuses to kill innocent civilians

  2. Stop driving trucks when you know they’re targeted…

  3. ….

    Oh yeah, that makes sense, Eran….

  4. Unfortunatly the sins of the fathers maybe visited on the children, but to claim the Lebanese are inocent victims. I doubt there are ten innocent civilians in Lebanon or Syria. You are judged by the company you keep. You can pretend you don’t know anything when you get caught, it didn’t work for the Nazis and it wont work for these peices of garbage. The more killed the better, the world is a better place without them. Maybe Isreal will finally wipe this trash off the face of the earth

  5. Ric, your outrageous opinions don’t belong on this blog. It’s obvious you are ignorant of the political climate in the middle east, and it’s also obvious you know nothing of the Lebanese people or their culture. There are people just like you and me in Lebanon and all over the middle east who want nothing more than to live their lives, raise their children, work at their jobs in peace. Readers, this blogger’s attitude is not representative of the majority of us in the US who wish a speedy end to this conflict, and an end to the senseless killing of innocents on both sides of the border. Ric, go spew your hatred somewhere else. It’s attitudes like yours that cause conflicts such as these to happen.

  6. I love people like Ric sitting there in the good ol’ USofA telling the world what it should do with itself. Haven’t the last six yrs. shown what happens when an American (a president in this case) decides to impose his vision on a Mideast nation. Pretty much all hell breaks loose. That’s what Ric’d like to see. Lots of blood & guts. I wish for Ric’s sake that Lebanese could bring some of that blood & guts to your home town. Let you sleep through a few nights of sonic booms so close to you that you think the F-16 & its missile has your name on it. People like Ric disgust me.

  7. But I am confused, Anarchristian by what truck/s you’re talking about. I presume Israel has claimed it destroyed a Hezbollah truck filled with rockets? Is this the same matter as the rocket/plane which fell to earth yesterday? Or something different?

  8. No, no, Richard. This has got nothing to do with the rocket/plane which fell yesterday! This one is a truck on the Zahle road, which was bombed, and the IAF then claimed it was carrying rockets ….

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