Afraid of their own shadow / Show me the Trucks II

The night was calm for the most part. At 5:50 I woke up from the sound of a bomb, but went back to sleep. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just an hour ago, a rocket fell on a suburb of Beirut – Achrafieh. Achrafieh is mostly a Lebanese Forces stronghold. IAF will claim it targeted trucks carrying rockets. The truck was not moving and was loaded with a driller. It was next to a construction site. The heroic Israelis eliminate yet another 10% of HezbAllah’s rocket stockpiles. So the official figure of HezbAllah stockpiles destroyed by air strikes stands at 50%. The official figure of HezbAllah fighters killed is… one. The official figure of Lebanese civilians killed is… around 250. That’s what they are saying. I suspect the figure is much higher, somewhere around 400-500. The situation is such that, entire families are stuck under the rubble of their houses, and they are calling with their mobile phones and leaving their number. TV stations are broadcasting their number so that if anyone is close to the area they would help them… Such is the situation in Lebanon. Such is not the situation for HezbAllah, which continues firing rockets at Israel. The next time you will claim this is not a war on Lebanon, think twice. The next time you will claim this is a war on HezbAllah, think twice. The next time you will claim this is a war of targets, realize that the targets are civilians, not HezbAllah! The next time your government says its air force eliminated another 10% of HezbAllah rockets, think twice about what truth lay underneath that statement. As I write this, the same area in Achrafieh has been bombed, for the second time. The IAF will say it destroyed yet another 10% of HezbAllah rockets. 40% more to go? Olmert said one more week. Indeed. That means we are halfway through this war. Now that’s encouraging.


15 responses to “Afraid of their own shadow / Show me the Trucks II

  1. So do you think they will still hit telaviv did you see the reports about nasrallah giving people there an hour to leave before 500 rockets will be fired i mean why the hell would he give them an hour

  2. how come you wont answer my question

  3. What reports? I am not aware of any. I just woke up an hour ago….

  4. on the maan news agency if you go to the arutz sheva website you will see it

  5. so do you think its ture or not

  6. I don’t know, I didn’t see any such report on TV…

    So what you’re saying is, Nasrallah warned Tel Avivians to leave?

  7. Its on serveral sites its says that he will wait until they are about to declare victory and then he will give a speech its on http://www.arutzsheva.comm

  8. Well that is only speculation, and I mean we can speculate on a lot of things…

  9. personally i hope they hit telaviv im suprised they have not dont it by now the zionist should learn the hard way and an hour would be too long but what do you think will they hit it

  10. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows.

  11. Hizbollah is not all the lebanese Citizen , hizbollah is 5% of the people, but if they continue to kill people in lebanon every body will become hizbollah.!!!

    I spent 3 days under continuous shelling, for my house was next to the airport and the fully demolished area. I escaped with the embassy and if it weren’t for the minor delay in our road schedule we would have been the victims of the Zionists Bomb!!!

    Israelis are compalining of hizbollah bombs!!! what power do these people have… their strikes are like a little child kicking a bigger man and still these zionists are cowards!!! people in lebanon are not hiding in bomb shelters they are not leaving their homes facing their death and fate with courage!!!! and yet these cowards are hitting hospitals and red crescent trucks, fire brigates and medicine carrying vehicles and they claim they bombed weapons! I hope a box of panadol will not explode and kill 100s of people.

  12. Concerned Outsider

    Living in Canada, or any remotely civilized country, if I saw 5% of canadians shooting rockets at the US I would make sure that my government knew and that someone would come stop them. Muslims in general whether they are from Lebanon or Gaza see the five percent of fanatics as the rest of the world’s problem. Sorry to burst your bubble, but by your refusal to deal with the fanatical and homocidal parts of YOUR OWN society you put the onus on the other 95%. Not only do most muslims refuse to stop or take any active part in stopping these genocidal maniacs, but they completely refuse to confront the problem and pretend it doesn’t exist. YOu the 95% are the problem, and only you can help lead to a solution.

  13. Thanks for providing all this information which spreads wide the Isreali propoganda

  14. Concerned Outsider – what you say is ridiculous. “YOu the 95% are the problem, and only you can help lead to a solution.” They are not the problem; they are just as much at fault as is EVERY other person in the world. Be careful with your generalizations, they lead to ludicrous beliefs.

    I’ll grant you that it is not just “someone else’s problem when people of your own society are annihilating another” oh say like how us Americans destroyed Iraq and debated about going after Iran.
    But my main issue lies with you typecasting ALL muslims. I’m sorry, but a muslim terrorist from oh say Lebanon has nothing to do with a muslim citizen of oh say the US. They share almost nothing in common. In the same way that the Christian Nazi’s had nothing in common with the ordinary christian citizen of Canada. It is not their fault per se – it is all of humanities fault for not standing up and doing something. Both parties are at fault here and we’re letting the innocent suffer because of it – what else is new in politics?

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