First Conscientious Objector

Ha’aretz reports on the first conscientious objector to the war on the Lebanese people:

“I know people will attack me and ask how could I not take part in this war when Qassams are falling on my hometown and Katyushas on the towns in the north,” [Staff Sergeant Itzik Shabbat] told Haaretz. “In my opinion, only this type of opposition that I’ve chosen will put an end to the madness that is going on now and will shatter the false feeling that the entire home front supports this unnecessary war that is based on deceptive considerations.”

“Someone has to be the first to break the silence and it will be me. It is a shame that my order was signed by another Sderot resident, Defense Minister Amir Peretz.”

Thank you!


4 responses to “First Conscientious Objector

  1. I want to hold your hand.Me too i’m ashamed to be israeli nowdays.

  2. Omer [Tel Aviv]

    @miki, that’s because you are fucking Hippie. Tembel!

  3. Hippie? surely thats what you try to do when you go off too Thailand after your national service & huddling, together in an Israeli cafe having no interaction what so ever with anyone else

  4. Anarchistan,

    I’ve been going on the Lebanese blogosphere and advising them to make links with anti-war Israelis. Palestinians like Mustafa Bharghouti make sure to work with the radical Israeli peace movement; Lebanese should do the same thing. You need to do everything you can to throw a monkeywrench in the Israeli military machine:

    A couple of ideas:

    Send a letter of thanks to Itzik Shabbat. Tell him that although the suffering of the
    Israelis can’t compare to that of Lebanon, they are also a victim of the IDF machine

    Arrange to address an antiwar rally in Tel Aviv.

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