More developments in Israel’s “Most just war”

In other developments in Israel’s “most just war”, IAF bombs ambulance in Nabatiyeh. IAF will now claim it destroyed yet another 10% of HezbAllah rockets.

More information on the HezbAllah rocket launchers drillers of Achrafieh: they belong to Mouawad company, were out of use and had been parked in the Zahrat al-Ihsan area of Achrafieh for over a year. The IAF dropped bombs of the type that explode 5 minutes after they hit the target. If the IAF thought they were rocket launchers, how come it bombed it in this manner, which would’ve allowed HezbAllah fighters to move the launchers?

And yet more developments… this just in, IAF bombed a herd of sheep in the Bekaa. Does that mean that the figure of HezbAllah rockets destroyed now stands at 70%?

Further developments: Rice assures Patriarch Sfeir that she is praying for the Lebanese people…

Update @ 12:36 pm: Israel recorded yet another success in its “most just war”. A convoy of refugee cars fleeing Aytaroun was bombed. 8 civilians killed, many injured.

Update @ 12:57 pm: At least two Israeli soldiers were killed and a number of others wounded when Israeli ground forces attempt to invade Lebanon.

Update @ 1:45 pm: HezbAllah arrests 22 Israeli spies and agents in Beirut.

Update @ 2:44 pm: Was just watching live shots from inside Israel. Confirmation of 2 Israeli soldiers killed and more than 3 injured. HezbAllah claims it hit air operations base. Israel denies it. I was just watching Al-Arabiyya TV, they have a reporter in Israel. He said they are not allowed to enter these areas, but that he can confirm that indeed a very sensitive location has been hit. Several reporters from Arabic news stations have also confirmed that several sensitive facilities have been hit in the cities and towns north of Haifa.

Update @ 2:50 pm: More successes registered by the IAF. Civilian cars targeted in Al-Burj al-Shamali near Tyre.

Update @ 3:17 pm: It is so obvious that HezbAllah capabilities have been reduced by half. Rockets have just fallen in Tiberias, Carmiel, Haifa. Israel’s “most just war” continues. In desperation, IAF bombs the … destroyed runways of Beirut International Airport…

Update @ 4:18 pm: IAF bombs the … destroyed runways of Beirut International Airport again…

Update @ 4:24 pm: IAF bombs the … destroyed runways of Beirut International Airport for third time…

Update @ 4:32 pm: One HezbAllah fighter, 3 Israeli soldiers killed in clashes on border.

Update @ 4:49 pm: Israelis confirm that HezbAllah has hit Ramat David air base in northern Israel; huge fires.

Update @ 5:04 pm: 2 Israeli tanks destroyed by HezbAllah in clashes in Aytaroun.

Update @ 5:21 pm: Israeli successes registered in Lebanon… IAF bombs … the northern runway of Beirut International Airport…

Update @ 5:29 pm: 3 killed in Nazareth. IAF will respond by bombing … the Beirut Airport runways … or a herd of sheep.

Update @ 5:38 pm: UNIFIL: Israel targeted two UNIFIL positions in Marwahin and Al-Naqura.

Update @ 5:57 pm: HezbAllah destroys third tank. IAF will respond by bombing … the destroyed Beirut Airport runways … or a convoy of refugees…

Update @ 6:03 pm: ZAKA rescue service: Explosion in Rehovot Mall in Tel Aviv. Police chief: Blast was false alarm.

Update @ 6:48 pm: The 22 Israeli agents were arrested by Lebanese security forces.

Update @ 6:54 pm: General Aoun of the Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement: The reason the Israelis destroyed the Army radars at the ports was so that the Army would be unable to detect weapons smugglers. This means the Israelis are actively working towards starting civil war…

By the way, kudos to the LFPM party for its relief efforts. So far it is the only party that has done real work on the ground to aid the refugees.

Update @ 7:28 pm: A comrade in Lebanon who manages his own blog just alerted me to the following: the leftists have also been taking part in relief efforts. They are managing 22 refugee locations. Keep it up, guys!

Update @ 7:37 pm: 4th Israeli tank destroyed by HezbAllah in Aytaroun.

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40 responses to “More developments in Israel’s “Most just war”

  1. where did you get the report from i cant find it anywhere

  2. Report of Israeli soldiers killed? It was reported on Yediot Achronot then quickly removed. Now they only have the bit with the Israeli choppers dispatched to the area. Previously it implied that the choppers were attempting to collect the bodies.

  3. are the spies of lebanese or israeli

  4. I doubt HezbAllah would’ve announced it if they were Lebanese. They really would not want to jeopardize the Lebanese unity and support they have been enjoying… So I doubt they are Lebanese. I said before that I thought that the Israelis could now land their agents wherever they wanted inside Lebanon. Well I think they are Israelis. But we will see soon.

  5. do you think the israelis are telling the truth about how many have been killed by hizbullah rockets

  6. I think there is far more damage and loss of lives (civilian and military) than the Israelis are admitting to. Which explains the order for censorship.

  7. The reality is that Hezballah is intertwined into the Lebanese government, and they are deployed within the population. The reality is that instead of disarming, Hezballah choose obtain even greater arms. Religious extremists who promote death and destruction, who are a part of the government, and who deploy among the population puts the population at risk. Hezballah alone is responsible to any collateral damage. Hezballah had a chance to disarm, and work within the government, and have the government military handle security — Hezballah refused. Hezballah is reaping the consequences of the choices they made. Sadly, the population of Lebanon is also reaping the consequences of Hezballah’s poor choices.

  8. YOu do know nazareth its a arab town

  9. Again i looked up ynet and harretz nothing about soldiers killed or the base

  10. You know you have Israelis responding here, right ?! I think It’s a shame cause they are killing your People. Kill all Zionists! Mother fuckers! here and everywhere!

  11. Can you please tell me where you are gtting all this from because it not on haaretz or ynet or the bbc

  12. Omer [Tel Aviv]

    Anarchistian, Hopefully a stray bomb will cut your crappy blog off the web.


  13. Anonymous: Insider sources. Check your Israeli sources, they just confirmed the loss of 2 soldiers.

  14. Insider sources like the one that said the f_16 had been shot down do you but there is nothing about the bas or the tanks

  15. Anonymous: I already talked about the F-16 and how Israel has been constantly changing its story. We also saw footage of the destroyed F-16.

    Also, your government has been denying many things, and confirming it only hours later. See when I mentioned the death of the 2 soldiers, and only now have the Israelis confirmed it.

    HezbAllah has also shot down a drone.

  16. YOu do know nazareth its a arab town

  17. “Update @ 1:45 pm: HezbAllah arrests 22 Israeli spies and agents in Beirut.”

    Does ANYONE see what’s wrong with this picture? How the fuck did my beautiful country become reduced to Hezballah arresting people. Then we ask ourselves why is Lebanon as whole being punished. We are being punished because we allow scums like Hezballah to act like our official police.

    Hezballah in particular and Muslim extremism in general are like a cancer that spreads.Make sure you stay true to our Armenian Christian roots, and realize that if they were not busy fighting with Isreal we “Armenians and Arab Christians” would be thier target.

  18. See the update: Lebanese security forces were the ones who arrested.

  19. For someone who sounds smarter than your average sure have a tendency of missing out the point of an argument

  20. Are you armenian not that it matter so were the 22 agents lebanese or israelis and what do you think about little hariri and his statments.The reason why the fact nazareth is an arab is because it might unite them with israelis shared fact i mean the rockets can kill anyone there is something like 50000 arabs in haifa

  21. You’re the one who is missing the point.

    Stop preaching when you’re not the one under fire!

  22. Are you armenian
    I am Lebanese.

    Hariri is irrelevant. HezbAllah is the only force that is relevant at the moment.

    It doesn’t matter if they are Arabs or not. Quit portraying this as a racial/religious conflict. It is not.

  23. No but are you armenian lebanese

  24. The holly town of Nazareth was bombed thith rockets and 2 arab children (3 and 9 years old)
    was killed.
    the hizballah killers don’t have ballls to show them self ,hiding and shooting.
    And this arrests in Beirut looks like arresting the opposition. very democratic

  25. And its not a racial thing im just curious

  26. #1 you still haven’t replied to my argument “which simply reiterates my point””
    #2 I’m not under the fire because I refuse to be a 2nd class citizen for not being an Arab Muslim…that’s why I left
    #3 I love how you say : “Are you armenian
    I am Lebanese.”
    So Armenian is not a capital A but Lebanese is a capital L..what a shame!!
    #4 Been reading this blog for a while..byou are so confused that it makes it hard to follow your point through a logical argument
    #5 You really don’t portray us “Lebanese in general” in a good way…you fuckin BRAIN-WASHED soul…so many people trying to make a point and you are not even willing to think about what they are saying

    Remember…politics is not 1 +1 =2..stop being so NAIVE

  27. No but are you armenian lebanese
    I am Lebanese. Can you get that through your thick skull?

  28. Many7, it seems you’re here to start trouble. Many Israelis have been much less problematic than you. You have been banned.

    For the record, I wasn’t the one who wrote the “Armenian”, I only copy-pasted it….

  29. Yoe first reply to Roxy:

    1) For your information, Israel itself was founded on a basis of viewing the Jews not as a religion, rather as a race. All non-Jews were treated as B and C citizens since 1948. This is not to say that Jews are Zionists… but all Zionists are Jews and racists… Just like the Nazis. Actually if you want to dwell deeper Miss Roxy, why not reading Cursed is the Peace Maker and find out how the US army and the ISraelis almost declared war on each other due to the racism of the IDF. Second, Zionism itself is a racist ideology, and keep in mind it is the brutality of the Israelis to the Lebanese that gave rise of Hizbullah (mainly that), hence, it is racism that generated this sectarianistic group. BTW if you think they are terrorists like Bin Laden, why Bin Laden’s big boy Zarqawi threatened to massacre Hizbullah

    2) Many7, your view on Hizbullah puts you on the other side when your group was in power in the 1980s, when they did their own arrests in the Post Amin Gemayel (and confirmed by Johny Abdu). Second, just for the fact you can’t view our comrade Anarchristian as Lebanese rather an Armenian shows why you and the Hizbullah extremists are the same… not of you accepts the other, and history places both groups in the same location (specially your group was more in power). To dwell even deeper, the only solution to Lebanon is not oppressing the other like your logic goes because you will do the same, the only solution (as proposed by Marx actually for the solution in the 19th century), that real change takes place through real change. You and your “enemies” are victims of your leaders. I am an athiest even though I am viewed on my passport as “christian”. Religion is the opium of the masses…. It is not your Lebanon, it is every body’s Lebanon

    3) Not that I like what is going on, but regarding Nazareth area, it is Arab, but as a Marxist I see all working classes slaughtered as saddening and disastrous because it is their leaders who make the political gains. So what is happening is reactionary, and you want to display yourself as Arab Nationalist? Arab nationalism is dead… it is no longer an interstate belief among states that are labelled “Arab”, rather it is a domestic tool used between politicians to burn each other out. So, your point Nazareth has Arabs? Interesting, the Israelis and the Zionist cabinet are sectarianists, so tell me, what is the theme of this notion? They are reactionary… Israel claims it is bombing only Hizbullah locations, ended up bombing Lebanon, and btw that includes bombing and destroying a Church if that makes it a Hizbullah stronghold.

    4) Bassam, no matter what we say, we gotta keep in mind that not every Israeli needs a bullet in their head from Israel, even though the entity is racist. Keep in mind there are plenty of resistence to the racist identity in Israel coming from the Jews themselves. Hell even Arab and European Jews are racists to each other with the Europeans giving them the Racist Orientalist perspective (better review Chomsky on those matter). BTW Bassam Chomsky interviewed Nasrallah himself, and when he went down to the South or Palestinian Refugee camps, he was protected by Hizbullah. Not every jew is a Zionist, but every Zionist is a Jew.

    5) As for Anarchristian’s origin, those who fail to see the humanity in it are blind and need to wake up. That comrade already said that the nationality is Lebanese, I for example and I am sure of my great anarchist comrade we are Internationalists.

    Hast La Victoria Siempre

  30. Excellent response comrade!

    I have already clarified my position with regards to the issue of borders, states, race, ethnicity. States are racist in nature. States lead to wars. States need to be eliminated.

    And make no mistake, Bassem is Israeli. Just clarifying.

  31. Hi,

    I too am a journalist writing about Lebanese blogs for Wired News ( I would very much like to speak with you about your experiences in Lebanon. Please email me if you’re available.



  32. I applaud you for your excellent blogging and reporting on the massacre being carried out by the Israelis.

  33. Yuri
    With regards to your comment re…2 arab children (3 and 9) killed…and re “hizballah killers”. Please do not forget the Americans killing of 15 unarmed innocents (all supposedly shot in the back or head…one was 3 years old) and the situation is currently under investigation, whatever that means…via a rage shooting, and then attempting to cover it up as…we were bombed so we went house to house in retalliation. Are the Americans also killers? The question is meant for thought, not necessarily for comment. This is war. And we know that in war boundaries fall. There is no room for ethics apparently. All there is room for is .. kill as many as you can and call it collateral damage. Bottom line is that this world has succombed to politcal rhetoric, lies by those we should trust most, and the mad chase for oil. The rest is nothing but spin.

  34. Oh..please don’t confuse my post as pro terrorist. I am pro anti-war. This entire world needs to give our heads a shake and wake up. We were not meant to be fighting each other for every little incident. We would do much better if we all looked after each other rather than hate someone because of colour, nationality, relifion or what ever. But I fear this world is passed the point of being able to reason.

  35. Ey guys could anyone help me witha little info?
    Does ANYONE have any info on the LEbanese Army’s stance on this. I mean they have been targeted at least twice, and all we see and hear is “Hezbollah retaliated” IS THE ARMY FIGHTING? WILL IT? Western media do not report anything on this and internet is kinda silent on this also. If ay of you who live in there can get any info that would be very awsome.

    Any info would be appreciated greatly

  36. Hey SPETCNAZ, sorry your comment seemed to have made it to the spam/junk box… I just noticed it and de-spammed it…

    The Lebanese Army’s stance is that it will fight against Israel alongside HezbAllah if and when there is a ground invasion. The Lebanese Defense Minister has said this twice in the past 2 days.

  37. The problem with the radical islam-west conflict is that there is no solution. I am upset the US and Israel do not have the cojones to do what ultimately should, sadly, be done–anihilate the entire radical moslem world. When one teaches their children to hate without question; when mothers are proud of their children for being a suicide murderer; when these brainwashed, pityful, sorry excuses of protoplasm give out candies to rejoice in death, there is only one answer–to kill them all just like you would kill a nest of rats or hive of killer bees. It’s sad, but there is no other logical answer. Give the thinking Arabs and Iranians a chance to get out and nuke the rest of them into kingdom come.

  38. July 19, 1982: The president of the American University in Beirut, Davis S. Dodge, is kidnapped. Hezbollah is believed to be behind this and most of the other 30 Westerners kidnapped over the next ten years.

    April 18, 1983: Hezbollah attacks the U.S. embassy in Beirut with a car bomb, killing 63 people, 17 of whom were American citizens.

    Oct. 23, 1983: The group attacks U.S. Marine barracks with a truck bomb, killing 241 American military personnel stationed in Beirut as part of a peace-keeping force. A separate attack against the French military compound in Beirut kills 58.

    Sept. 20, 1984: The group attacks the U.S. embassy annex in Beirut with a car bomb, killing 2 Americans and 22 others.

    March 16, 1984: William F. Buckley, a CIA operative working at the U.S. embassy in Beirut, is kidnapped and later murdered.

    April 12, 1984: Hezbollah attacks a restaurant near the U.S. Air Force Base in Torrejon, Spain. The bombing kills eighteen U.S. servicemen and injures 83 people.

    Dec. 4, 1984: Hezbollah terrorists hijack a Kuwait Airlines plane. Four passengers are murdered, including two Americans.

    Feb. 16, 1985: Hezbollah publicizes its manifesto. It notes that the group’s struggle will continue until Israel is destroyed and rejects any cease-fire or peace treaty with Israel. The document also attacks the U.S. and France.

    June 14, 1985: Hezbollah terrorists hijack TWA flight 847. The hijackers severely beat Passenger Robert Stethem, a U.S. Navy diver, before killing him and dumping his body onto the tarmac at the Beirut airport. Other passengers are held as hostages before being released on June 30.

    Feb. 17, 1988: The group kidnaps Col. William Higgins, a U.S. Marine serving with a United Nations truce monitoring group in Lebanon, and later murders him.

    March 17, 1992: With the help of Iranian intelligence, Hezbollah bombs the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, killing 29 and injuring over 200.

    July 18, 1994: Hezbollah bombs the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires–again with Iranian help–killing 86 and injuring over 200.

    Nov. 28, 1995: Hezbollah bombards towns in northern Israel with volleys of Katyusha rockets in one of the group’s numerous attacks on Israeli civilians.

    March 30, 1996: Hezbollah fires 28 Katyusha rockets into northern Israeli towns. A week later, the group fires 16 rockets, injuring 36 Israelis. Israel responds with a major offensive, known as the “Grapes of Wrath” operation, to stop Hezbollah rocket fire.

    Aug. 19, 1997: Hezbollah opens fire on northern Israel with dozens of rockets in one of the group’s numerous attacks on Israeli civilians.

    October 1997: The United States lists Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

    Dec. 28, 1998: Hezbollah opens fire on northern Israel with dozens of rockets in one of the group’s numerous attacks on Israeli civilians.

    May 17, 1999: Hezbollah opens fire on northern Israel with dozens of rockets in one of the group’s numerous attacks on Israeli civilians.

    June 24, 1999: Hezbollah opens fire on northern Israel, killing 2.

    May 23, 2000: Israel withdraws all troops from Lebanon after 18 years patrolling the “security zone,” a strip of land in the south of the country. The security zone was set up to prevent attacks on northern Israel.

    Oct. 7, 2000: Hezbollah attacks an Israel military post and raids Israel, kidnapping three Israeli soldiers. The soldiers are later assumed dead. In mid-October, Hezbollah leader Nasrallah announces the group has also kidnapped an Israeli businessman. In 2004, Israel frees over 400 Arab prisoners in exchange for the business man and the bodies of the three soldiers.

    March 1, 2001: The British government adds Hezbollah’s “military wing” to its list of outlawed terrorist organizations.

    Dec. 11, 2002: Canada lists Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

    Aug. 10, 2003: Hezbollah shells kills 16-year-old Israeli boy, wound others.

    June 5, 2003: Australia lists Hezbollah’s “military wing” as a terrorist organization.

    Sept. 2, 2004: United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559 calls for “the disbanding and disarmament of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias,” a reference to Hezbollah.

    December 2004: Both the United States and France ban Hezbollah’s satellite television network, Al Manar. A U.S. State Department spokesman notes the channel “preaches violence and hatred.”

    March 10, 2005: The European Parliament overwhelmingly passes a resolution stating: “Parliament considers that clear evidence exists of terrorist activities by Hezbollah. The (EU) Council should take all necessary steps to curtail them.” The European Union nonetheless refrains from placing the group on its list of terror organizations.

    July 12, 2006: Hezbollah attacks Israel with Katyushas, crosses the border and kidnaps two Israeli soldiers. Three Israeli soldiers are killed in the initial attack. Five more soldiers are killed as Israel launches operation to rescue the soldiers and push Hezbollah from its border. Hezbollah launches rockets into towns across northern Israel.

    A Saudi branch of Hezbollah also takes credit for the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia which killed 19 US military and wounded many more. The arrested terrorists included a dozen Lebanese and a similar number of Saudis trained by Hezbollah and Iran.

    There — make ya happy?

  39. I wish I could put it better but the statment above says it all! Hezbollah use to hide from the truth but in todays world you just cant excape it! they’re murderers and cowards! I see people upset and protesting about innocent people in lebanon being killed, a tragedy no doubt, but how many of those people protest against suicide bombers who deliberatley board a bus and kill innocent civilians?

  40. they’re murderers and cowards!
    Sure, but they have not massacred babies and children en masse. They have not killed 1-day old babies and 40 children in one strike.

    Enough said already!

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