Show me the trucks!

It was mostly quiet here this afternoon. Some say it is due to the “window” left open by those generous Israelis for foreigners to leave. I say: it is because Israel is looking up more trucks to hit. More empty trucks, that is. Or trucks carrying flour, or medicines, or cement. But never rockets. One of my Israeli readers even suggested: “stop driving trucks when you know they’re targeted.”

I have been accused of being the mouthpiece of HezbAllah. Again I say, it is an honour to be so in this day and time. Every means must be used to expose the Israeli government and the Olmert-Peretz axis of evil for the liars that they are. I was expecting such a response; there will now be attempts to shift the debate, from a discussion of the lies that the Israeli government and army are fooling their citizens with, to calls for the liquidation of civilians – after all, as one of my democracy and peace-loving readers said a few minutes ago, “I doubt there are ten innocent civilians in Lebanon or Syria.”

But on to more important news, Lebanese Defence Minister announced today that in case of an Israeli ground invasion, the Lebanese Army will fight alongside HezbAllah. The Israelis had been hinting at the possibility of “aiding” the Lebanese Army to disarm HezbAllah (getting the Lebanese to kill one another is the Israeli government’s wildest and wettest dream), but their constant attacks on the Army blew up in their faces. But of course, it is pointless to talk about that. The Lebanese Army would have never accepted such an offer to begin with. One point that I must mention, though: the Lebanese Army has a well-trained and experienced commando regiment. It would be interesting to see them in action. Now if only the cowardly Israelis would stop hiding behind their jets…

IAF jets have been breaking the sound barrier for the past 30 minutes. And a few minutes ago two huge explosions. Closer than any before. Shoueifat. The Israelis don’t get it: We are used to it.

Keep that in mind.

The Israelis did find trucks to bomb tonight, after all. Olmert and Peretz can sleep well tonight. The IAF will claim it destroyed a truckful of rockets. And the Israeli citizens will cheer on the IAF. More trucks, please! 


5 responses to “Show me the trucks!

  1. I’m writing to you from the other side of the border. Yes, I’m what you consider the
    “Zionist Enemy”. I’m not going to argue. I would just like to offer you my point of view.
    Since the Israeli withdrawl from south Lebanon in 2000, The Lebanese army didn’t
    accomplish its basic duty: guarding the border with Israel. Instead, your government let
    Hizballah – a terrorist organization by all means – to take over. During the past 6 years
    these terrorists threat our towns although they had no reason doing so since Israel
    withdrew from Lebanon. last weak Hizb’ infratrated israel and captured 2 sodiers. that’s
    the point when the israeli people decided that enough is enough. I don’t know any israeli, including myself, that is happy about this war. we don’t hate the lebanese people and
    realy want 2 live in peace. all we want is to see the kidnapped soldiers back.

    Instead of accusing us, you should accuse nasrallah. He doesn’t care about Lebanons’ well-being.
    being. He’s a pawn of the iranians, which uses your land to confront Israel. That’s why
    Iran is the real coward. I invite you to respond to my comment and wishing you, and the
    lebanese people, peace!

    shay s.

  2. Hi Anarchistian, I’m sending you a link to an ABC TV Australia current affairs show, ‘Lateline’. Last night, they interviewed a stuttering, evasive Ehud Barak basically admitting that the Israeli people have no idea what hell-punishment their IDF/IAF (Israeli Aggression Force) is committing “up north”. Watch the video for some priceless non-responses to a couple of common sense questions on Tony Jones’ part.

    Shay S, you don’t murderously “wage peace” on your neighbour. Ask yourself who is benefiting from the cold-blooded, immoral killing of Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq? In a nutshell: Israel (murderous, racist, self-righteous rogue state); USA (murderous, racist, self-righteous rogue state); Saudi Arabia (installed, murderous puppet kings jealously guarding their thrones); Jordan (installed, murderous puppet kings jealously guarding their thrones); Egypt (installed, murderous dictator jealously guarding throne); Kuwait (installed, murderous puppet kings jealously guarding their thrones). God, wouldn’t you kill to be a part of this glorious sextet? Oh, silly me: YOU DO!

  3. Here’s a stupid question. Didn’t Hezbollah ask for war when they took the soldiers? Didn’t they expect war? Didn’t Hezbollah know that Israel would do what it is now doing in Lebanon? Didn’t Hezbollah know that they were fanning the fire already burning because of the other kidnapped soldier? Did Hezbollah care about the lives of innocent Lebonese people? Or did they think your lives were available to sacrifice without even asking? So, you’re “honoured” to be the “mouthpiece” of hezbollah? If hexbollah hadn’t kidnapped the 2 soldiers, you would be quietly sipping coffee at your local cafe right now. No bombs. No guns. Peace. And you’re proud to be their mouth. Good for you! Delusional if you ask me.

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  5. Shai doesn’t want to argue with you but then proceeds to flack for the standard Israeli line on the conflict. We want peace too. We don’t hate Lebanon. If you don’t hate Lebanon then why don’t you tell your PM to stop attacking civilians. Did you ever stop to ask yourself why almost every single one of those 200 dead Lebanese are civilians & not Hezbollah militants? If you & yr air force doesn’t hate Lebanese why have you done this?

    And your Israeli friends don’t stop to think what it would be like if the shoe were on the other foot. What if it was Israel under attack as in 1967 or 1973? And what if you detested the prime minister and his political party? Would you stand apart from the hostilities for that reason? Of course you wouldn’t. You’d all band together for love of country. That’s all that Anarchristian is doing. Yet you fault him for loving his country. How despicable since you clearly love yours, but refuse to allow him the privilege of loving his.

    He may not support Hezbollah when there is no war. He may detest the group & its aims (I don’t know this for a fact, but bear with me anyway). But by God Lebanese Shiites are Lebanese too and when they’re under attack then Anarchristian feels all Lebanon is under attack. I can understand that.

    If there were a war against Israel wouldn’t you expect all Diaspora Jews to rally around you & not carp about whether the nation was worth supporting? Your Israeli commenters here are all hypocrites because they refuse to grant you the patriotic feelings that they grant themselves.

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